Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lucy! You've got some 'splaining to do!

We had a funny moment this morning.  
At least I thought it was funny.  
Ian wanted an orange for a snack and I gladly peeled him one.  I was telling him that when I was little we had an orange tree in our back yard and that Grandpa Wittwer has an orange tree in his back yard now.  He thought that was pretty cool.  He wanted to know how big it was when I was little (BIG) and how big Grandpa's is now (little--it's a dwarf tree). I tried to explain that they were two totally different trees at different houses.  He wondered where I lived when I was little and I had to explain to him that it was a different house than the one Grandpa lives in now and that when I was little Grandpa was married to Oma.  
"That's weally weally stwange Mom dat Drampuh Wittwoah maowied Oma." 
To know them now separately I suppose so.  It's all he's ever known.  But for me I still think of my parents as a unit- now married to different spouses.  I never really fathomed explaining divorce to my kids.  
Next it'll be where babies come from.  (Though when I was pregnant with Charlie we had to delve into it a bit.)

Ah the joys of Parenthood. 


  1. Ah the innocence... Sounds like an interesting conversation.

  2. Outta the mouths of babes...and what a great example of acceptance. Perhaps the stuff we think will be hard to talk about is not so difficult after all. Our family is full of funny and "weally, weally stwange". I love it all!