Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween ReCap

The Costumes 2011:
 First up is Ian the Builder
 Next we have the Fierce Landon Dragon
 The somewhat tired Charlie Monkey
 Arrg! Avast ye Mateys! Thar be Sean the Software Pirate.
 Mt. Maggie-souvious: Look out! She's gonna blow! 
 Curling the molten hot Magma. (Ian took this picture without any direction.)
 close up shot
Droop Shot


  1. Cute!! And yours? Is kind of freaking genius. :-)

  2. These are such cute ideas! You and Sean are my favorite, haha. Though I should confess confess, I'd probably be more tempted to give the little people all my candy. They're adorable. :D

  3. That is one awesome droop, Mag-suvius. Didja notice that one Daddy Pirate sports an eye patch while the other has spectacles? And it looks like LanDragon and Ari(Bug?) are staring each other down. Also, Chollie fills out the monkey suit very nicely. Too much fun.

  4. LOVE the volcano hair. Brilliant. It wouldn't be nearly so cool with blonde hair, though, huh?

    And software pirate? Ah ha ha ha!