Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Light a candle for heaven's sake!

Oh my.

These boys STINK! 

Luckily we're on the tail of of the barfy/diarrhea phase at our house but man! 

So today I decided to make a WalMart run.  
I happened to have the car because Sean flew to Navajo Mountain this morning leaving me the vehicle.  
WalMart happens to be in the next state over... which is still kind of odd to me. 
90 minutes driving to get there. 
3 boys.
1 mom.
stupid consumer "deals" crowding the aisles, which include copious amounts of toys that the kids insist they want
0 double curtain rod brackets for my book shelves project... dang
45 minutes or an hour saying "no we're not buying that" and we're outta there
we made it. 
90 minutes home 
1 phone call to sister dropped about 5 times... gave up.
1- 30 minute stop along the way to change 2 diapers and let the other one pee on the side of the road and feed Charlie Bucket.  

Dude- I feel like I can do anything.  Some think I'm just a mom.... but really I'm a superhero incognito. 

I think I need a sequined cape or something. 

ps- no it was not a beerrun to walmart- I'm not that classy- more like a diaperrun because of previously mentioned sick kids....i just like the song...


  1. I haaaaaate Walmart. I wish ours were 90 minutes away so that I could justify shopping at Lin's. I kinda think I must also love Walmart. Or at least NEED Walmart. Kinda like my butt fat. I hate it. I can't imagine sitting comfortably without it. It's a conundrum.

    You are a brave woman. Sorry about the butt fat analogy. That's EXACTLY why I shouldn't comment on blogs in the middle of the night.

  2. Hate to break it to you Sis, but you're disguise didn't fool me- I've always known you were a superhero. We'll have to get a phone call sometime in the next day or two where we actually have more than five minutes to talk to each other. Love you.