Monday, October 10, 2011

Take off your shoes and stay a while.

So grateful that the sunshine is back!  
I firmly believe that all living things are solar powered- not just high-fa-lootin' cars.  

We spent the morning making cards to send to loved ones (hope they make it in the mail sometime this century) and Charlie learned to love his new swing.  $2 at a yardsale and it's exactly what I've been looking for! It's a wind up kind so no worries about batteries.  Also only swings long enough to calm him down so it's not incessantly going all the time.  I kind of like it myself.  It looks like THIS 
It works for us and I only put him in it if I'm around-- I do NOT trust his siblings. A little common sense goes a long way.  Saves my back too because usually if he's really upset I'm swing him in his carseat for a minute to calm him down- and it kills my back.  

We had Charlie's blessing this weekend (similar to a Christening) and my Dad and Step-mom we able to make the long trek out here for it.  It was good to see them- though far too short.  They kept raving about the area so perhaps we can convince them to come out and visit again sometime. (Hint Hint) People don't get why we would move to such a small town... that is- until they've been here.  It is beautiful.  Want picture proof? People come from all over the world to see things like this: 
Bear's Ears

Prettier shot of the Bear's Ears with a road.  I like this one better.

Delicate Arch near Moab-- you may have seen this on the Utah license plates.

Glen Canyon Dam

Goosenecks (which looks similar to the Grand Canyon in my opinion) but it's the San Juan River not the Colorado.

Lake Powell

Monument Valley at Sunset

Monument Valley with road

Shiprock NM

The Sleeping Ute

Twin Rocks

Wilson's Arch
And they're all within two hours of here. 

So come visit us people!


  1. And way more things, that not even Maggie has seen yet. I guess I am a bit of a slacker in that regard. Next summer, we'll get out and see more. I promise.

  2. You live within two hours of Lake Powell?! Lucky. Wait, I almost do, too. I guess that makes me lucky!

    I thought for sure this would be a post about farmer's tans, since the title is what I tell my husband when he finally takes off his shoes and exposes his glowing white feet to the light of day. Maybe next time, huh?

    Man, we live in a pretty world. :)

  3. I'm still furious about the houses behind Wilson Arch. They totally destroyed the look of one of my favorite parts of the drive to Grandma's house.

    *end random rant*

  4. Southern Utah is beautiful and Southeastern Utah is magical. We'll be there in 10 years and, if you keep blabbing and posting scenic views, so will everyone else! Shhhhhh, girl!