Friday, October 7, 2011


So far so good.  Haven't done a whole lot today except watch about 9 episodes of Lie to Me.  Pretty sweet gig this vacation business.  Not my vacation mind you- but my Sister in Law's and Sean managed to take the afternoon off (seeing as he worked late earlier in the week).  Which kind of makes it my vacation too.  More people to play with kiddos less laundry folded than there should have been- a stay-cation if you will.

Today it was cold enough outside that I was grateful I left my case of soda in the car so that I didn't even have to wait for it to be refrigerated to enjoy its bubbly goodness. One of the perks of Fall.  Another is that my birthday is just around the corner... HINT HINT BABE- Don't forget :) 

Looking forward to more family time this weekend for Charlie Bucket's blessing.

It's no Physics Phriday but I'll take it.


  1. I like Lie to Me too! I watched all the episodes on Netflix and was sad when I ran out. I love that new babies give you plenty of excuses to watch shows. My girls learned the theme songs to each series I got into and made me feel guilty by correctly asking, "Are you watching ___?" :)

  2. I think I will declare today MY stay-cation. You're brilliant, and not just because you chill your soda in your car. :)

    Lie to Me. We were hooked on it for a while. Good stuff. Now I think I'm some kinda sneaky face-reader.