Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photos Phrom a Phour Year Old

My tough boys all got Cars tattoos before working on Nena: 
 I asked Landon a week ago what he wanted to be for Halloween.  
"How about a Dragon?" (I happen to have this costume on hand from when Ian was a dragon...)
Looks like he takes after Grandpa Wittwer in his love of airplanes.

So yesterday morning I brought the cardboard boxes inside before it started raining (brilliant move on my part thank you) so I could have decent cardboard to work with to attempt an airplane.  Well the morning was hectic as usual and I was hoping to work on it during a certain big brother's nap (because he often likes to help and this mama gets frustrated with little helpers especially when they are not allowed near Ex-acto knives).  Then the wind picks up and POOF! the power is gone.  We waited for a few minutes to see if it would come back on....and nothing happened.  The quiet was nice--it's amazing how much noise everything makes- even a fridge! But it was getting dark (due to the massive clouds) so we opened the curtains as much as we could to let all the light in and I decided it was a good time to make an airplane.  I give you the results: 
 One happy boy and a propeller that spins.  
 Unfortunately I don't think the cardboard will hold up until Monday because he loves to crash. 
"Oh No!" CRASH! "Back Up. Beep Beep Beep!"..."Oh No!" CRASH! "Back Up. Beep Beep Beep!" Rinse and repeat a gagillion times.  
He doesn't understand that airplanes only got forward. 

So that evening after scriptures Ian decided to hijack the camera.  The remainder of the pictures he took all by himself:
 Self portrait complete with chocolate muffin between his teeth.
 A snapshot of the plane:
 Mommy (and yes tired- no makeup- keepin' it real) 
I've always been impressed with his ability to get the camera so the subject is in the center... I have a hard time with that sometimes.  Maybe he inherited his photography skills from my Grandpa.

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I had promised but we're living life to the fullest so as my little photographer likes to say, 
"See ya later alligator!"


  1. OK. You have serious airplane-building talent that YOU must have inherited from your father. I've never seen Landon so happy. And Ian's ability to get everyone to cheese for the camera is impressive indeed. But it's clear that tattooed guys can't smile because they are so tough.

  2. And the pharmer's tan only adds to the toughness factor.

  3. Glad to see that even Chollie got in on the tough guy tattoo action. And Mom's right. Impressive airplane, and that is one HAPPY kid inside it. (Can't wait to see him in nine days.) Love you mucho.

  4. For the record, you are pretty much awesome. The end. - Lora

  5. Love the airplane! McKinley's favorite toy in the whole world is a little house Matt made from a cardboard box. She has had it for about a month now and she still loves it and it's all of her little friends favorite toy too. Sometimes I wonder why I waist my money on toys when she is happier with our trash! ;)

  6. Thanks guys. Not sure how long I'm going to let the airplane stay since one wing already had to be taped back on.
    Glad to get good feedback.
    I had more extensive plans for the plane involving a coat of paint and suspenders instead of ribbon but he wouldn't leave it alone so I decided it must be good enough.
    Love you all.