Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Numbers, Numbers everywhere

Well Hello Wednesday.

Remember back in February and April when I mentioned finances?  Yeah me either.  Well we're back in the saddle again.  Did up a new budget with the new income.  I'd like to say it's exciting to see exactly where the money is going... but... how is it possible that it still feels like we don't have much?  If rent got bumped up to $850 a month we could manage--- but just barely.  Apparently that's what housing costs around here.  Which is ridonkulous if you ask me.  So we're looking at different options: renting vs buying.  And when I say buying I mean cheapo- fix it up type- so we can get this debt out of the way and pay less than we would in rent.  Today just may be one of those days but I'm kind of hating money and bills and all things grown-up.

In other news: made it to the gym today.  And now I'm thoroughly wiped out for the remainder of the day.  So I wonder--- is it worth getting up extra early (5am folks) and feeding the baby so I can go work out for 30 minutes and come home totally wiped out and not have burned all that many calories and then need/want a coke or two to get me through the day which is only as many calories as I burned that morning working out?? Wouldn't it just be better if I cut out the exercise and the coke?  I'd still break even right? (Budgeting even applies to calories too apparently) Just a thought.

Blessings related to these two items lest you think I'm just totally a cranky-pants today:
Money- We have enough to meet our needs which includes expensive repairs to our beloved Nena.  Also have health insurance now- SUCH a blessing.
Gym- I get to spend a little extra time with my hubby in the mornings than I would get to otherwise.

What're you up to for your Wednesday musings?


  1. Good job counting your blessings. And a little extra time with hubby is always good, especially if you get to move your body. Keep doing all the good things you are doing! Sorry about the money-juggling chores, but it seems to be something we get to do all our lives. You don't have to like it though.

  2. I hate budgeting. Truly. Hate it. I get grumpy thinking about it.

    I love you

  3. I HATE money too right now.... We're going through the same thing, trying to figure out a budget and how to find the money to move into our 'own pad'. Gulp :)