Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meanwhile back at the farm...

So much for my blog every day goal.  
Oh well. 
Life happens. 

On the housing front: waiting.  I'll let ya know.

On the kid front: all sleeping.  Charlie didn't want to be put down at ALL today but he's kinda cooperating at the moment.  Wish I could get a nap in though. (Watch, as soon as I hit post one or all 3 kids will magically wake up and that 3 minute nap I was hoping for will vanish...)

On the crafty front: we made puppets today but the boys don't totally get the idea of acting out a story so I told them to try just telling a story... we'll see.  Pretty cute to see them get so excited though.  We're going to have to make more puppets.... I just need to get more felt first- a task not so easy given my limited resources.  I think we need to get a tension rod for the doorway too so they can have a curtain to hide behind, like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz...everything is more magical that way.  The cardboard box they are currently using is pretty hashed already.  Also I do have fabric for a couple of other projects but waiting for a critical part before I can really get down to it.

On the Nena front: Engine and transmissions are pulled.  Yay... I think... It's a little sad to see her with her front bumper off and her guts hanging out like that but we're all hoping that with the work that goes into her she'll be back to her peppy self again soon.  Sean is excited about the new transmission being all clean and plans on also cleaning the engine really well as he goes so she'll be good lookin' when she's all put together.  Had to order one tool already- I know Sean wasn't too sad about that other than it halted work for a few (rainy) days.  He loves new tools about as much as I love new fabric.  Oh the possibilities.

On the Halloween front: Ian wants to be Bob the builder- I'll fashion a wonderful tool belt for him.  Landon doesn't know what he wants to be and I'm trying to convince him he wants to be a dragon because I happen to already have that costume.  Charlie will be a monkey just like the other two were for their first Halloween.  Sean and I have no clue.  I love the Ms. Frizzle idea and Amelia Bedelia but I can't bring myself to work on my own costume.  I'll probably end up dressing 50's style with gloves and hat and glasses (because that's what I have on hand) and Sean will probably end up a pirate again.  He was a hick last year but sadly his overalls have lost the hooks... lending to the hickish look but don't stay up very well.  I yearn for the days when I had an awesome costume box.  High school homecoming week left me stocked every year with cool new costumes.  Through the years and many moves I've had to seriously thin my costume collection.  I think now that we're settled in one town it's time to begin building it back up.  Maybe my camera will even cooperate long enough to get pictures too.  Or we'll resort to using Sean's phone... ah technology.

That's all folks.
Until tomorrow...
or the next day...
or maybe next week...


  1. I was totally hoping the Nena hyperlink went to 99 Luftballons on Youtube or something. Oh well. I guess I can just Youtube it myself.

    FYI- duct tape makes great utility belts. Not sure if you have colored duct tape around town, but I made a pretty sweet yellow one with a pocket and everything for Rogue.

    Hope the boys are letting you close your eyes. Love you lots.

  2. Well, you could always add to the hick look by tying the overalls up with rope. :)

  3. Sweet costumes :) I agree with Amanda, or you could use huge, baby safety pins to keep those suspenders up :)