Thursday, October 20, 2011

Make Out Point and Lover's Lane

So yesterday was Granny Night aka Date Night. 

I left it to Sean to plan it.  All too often my brain is fried at the end of the day.  So he called at 3pm saying I had to be ready to leave right at 5 so we'd have daylight.  I figured that meant we were going hiking or something.  Ding Ding Ding- I win--he had indeed planned to go for a little hike.  Good thing I figured it out and thought to bring along the Moby for Charlie.  

We dropped the kids off with the grandparents (the boys and I had been at Aunt Dani and Uncle Fielding's house) and headed south.  When it starts to get chilly, like it happens to do this time of year, heading South is the best option.  Drop elevation- warmer climates.  (The opposite is true in the summer.  One of the many great things about living here)  

Well we weren't out of town yet and Sean turns off the highway.  To the old Ruins Road.  Leading to none other than Make Out Point.  Which I find kind of hilarious because they actually have a Make Out Point here and I grew up living just off of Lovers Lane (that's really the name of it).  When I first took Sean home he saw the exit sign and joked that that should be our exit.  He was a little bit red faced when it actually WAS our exit.  The Lover's Lane in our town is just a street like any other.  You don't even cruise it or anything.  Maybe race on the way to 7-11 but probably not anymore because there are oodles of stoplights now to prevent just such racing.  Not that we ever did that mind you.  Perhaps it was originally the lane where couples cruised on Friday night- but to me it never crossed my mind that the name would even suggest anything.  Also funny- the road in town that you DO cruise...Mooney... and yet I was never mooned while cruising until I cruised State Street in Sandy with my roommate---by some 15 year old in a Winnebego...ew. (It was probably also shocking to Sean because streets are just numbers in Utah: center and main is zero, zero and everything else just grids out from there. Streets named 100 North, or 1300 East in their relative location to Center and Main.  In Visalia all we had were random names; Goddard, Sweet, Ben Maddox Way, Lovers Lane etc. so the numbers thing initially threw me off...but I digress)  So when we were discussing Make Out Point the other day (because that's where Sean's older sister Tiffany jumped the Chevelle thus causing Sean's parents to decide to sell it before Sean got his license-but don't worry he's not still bitter about it...PSYCH!heh heh heh) I was shocked to find it was an actual place and people actually do go there to make out.  I had heard about watching the submarines too but that's another story.  So you know- being the cool people we are we went to Make Out Point...all 3 of us...I won't gross you out by telling you that Sean and I tested the name of the place out but there IS something cool about that spot that all can enjoy.  There are Anasazi Ruins RIGHT THERE! 30 minute hike round trip (so really more like a walk except you go down a little ravine and back up the other side to get to them).  There's also a Natural Bridge at the corner just before you get to the dead end.  Pretty cool the things that are really just at the edge of town.  We even had time to make it back and have dinner (which was good because I was FAMISHED).  

So yeah- I learned that Make Out Point and Lover's Lane are two different things--Lover's Lane doesn't even have anything to look at...except the tattoo parlor and the Walnut Orchards that magically turned into houses last time I was in town.  


  1. Like Tigger, I love a good explore. Lovers Lane will always make for good stories, and now you have Make Out Point, too! Did it confuse you for a minute (like it did me?)about who was in the Moby when you flashed-back to that old post? Charlie? Landon? Landon!! He was a little squirt in the Moby just a while ago. Which means Charlie is gonna be big too soon...)

  2. Oh good old State Street! Love that little guy smiley. He's too cute! Congratulations on the house hunt. Fun stuff!