Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mail Time!

Here's the mail 
it never fails, 
it makes me wanna wag my tail 
when it comes I wanna wail MAIL!
(Ah Blue's Clues how we love thee)

This morning there was a knock at the front door- and that usually means one of two things: Either the neighbor kid is here to see if Ian can play or there's mail that wouldn't fit in our box.  Both are good things and today it was the latter.  A bright green Snoopy envelope lit up the boys' faces when I told them who it was for. 
"To Ian, Landon and Charlie" 
"It's for US MOM!"  
Open it up and there are shirts and a book for the boys.  Ian and Landon immediately decided they needed their Thomas the Train shirts on.  And Charlie was just excited to be out of bed.  Now we're off to read some of Little Critter.  I *Love*  Little Critter and suspect that perhaps the book is for Mommy too, not just the boys. 

WE LOVE YOU! and not just because you send us mail :)

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  1. Aw, you're welcome. If I could wrap myself in stamps and get delivered to your doorstep, that would be best, but Happy Mail is second-best. Love you guys bunches!