Thursday, October 13, 2011

House #2

So I missed yesterday.


I did get feeling better but didn't get around to posting.  My bad.

We looked at another house last night.  (The first one accepted the other offer and since ours was second in line we'd only get it if the people backed out or the money fell through- neither of which are likely.  Ce la vie) This other house is better suited to my liking except that it's not finished.  As in-- it has sturdy walls but no insulation- plumbing for bathrooms but no toilets- plumbing for kitchen but missing a wall and hm- pretty much everything else in it.  But it has new windows and a new roof and is laid out well to do the finishing work.  It is small- but would suit our needs and we'd get to design a lot of it ourselves since we'd being doing the work.  And the lot is a third of an acre- good sized but not overwhelming.  It's been on the market for a while and we're hoping there's not a lot of back and forth bargaining on the price since it needs so much work.  It would certainly be a good learning house.  We probably wouldn't actually be able to move in to it until spring.  I'll let you know how it all goes whether we buy it or not.

Charlie is beginning to smile.  It's super cute to see his little face light up.  Never long enough to get a picture (oh and my camera is on it's last leg as it is- perhaps I'll get a new one for my birthday again) So far the count is grandma 3 and mommy 2 for little smiles.  I'm hoping he figures it out and is more smiley now.

The big bothers fill their days with cars and trains and building things.  Daddy spends a good deal of the time working hard.  He had to get a new tool for Nena so hopefully work on that front can move forward again soon.  I know- sounds like I just crack the whip right? A Whoopah!


  1. So glad you are feeling better and Charlie is smiling. Exciting to hear about the home prospects! And as far as cracking the whip goes, every circus needs a Ringmaster. You know, to keep the clowns on their tricycles and make sure the elephants don't stomp on the monkeys. The show must go on!