Friday, October 14, 2011

The Help

Small town living means a few things:
Run into my father in law almost every time I go to buy fabric.  The fabric is sold at the hardware store.
Business hours=shut down when the sun goes down (and I think I should sleep then- silly winter)
Options? What options?
Speed limit 30. 
Movies? you mean MOVIE singular.

We have a theater here that has one screen and plays one movie.  It usually runs for a week or two and then onto something else.  Understandably so when the population is less than 5000 how many of those people are really going to go see every show every week or have enough demand for more variety.  So a few months ago the Book Club read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.   I loved Skeeter.  Gutsy.  Finds her voice and helps others to have a voice.  The other characters?  Hilly- Bully.  Elizabeth- Spineless.  Minnie- Large and in charge--a says-it-like-it-is character.  Abileen- Strong.  I was excited when I found out there was going to be a movie and that it was coming out weeks after I was reading the book. 

But not to our neck of the woods.  

Enter totally bummed Maggie.  

So Tuesday when a friend mentioned on facebook that it was playing here I jumped on the chance to go see it.  Last night Sean took care of the kids and I got a girls night out.  It was great. After all the hype I felt like the movie didn't move me like the book did.  But it was enjoyable and I think they did rather well at adapting it into movie form, which says a lot given that most movies from books are rarely worth the effort.  I recommend the book but if you're a person with little time for reading (What?!) I'd still recommend the movie.


  1. Yay for a night out at THE movie! I've heard mixed reviews. Probably won't view the film, but I will give the book a shot.

  2. "A person with little time to read"...I've HEARD of that species before, but never encountered one in the wild.