Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hauntings from the Hursts

First I wanted to show you my handsome boys all ready for church.  Secundus wanted to be like Primus and make grumpy faces... both turned out pretty cute I think.    
Ian got to participate in his first ever Primary Program yesterday.  After the narrator he was the first one.  Remembered his line and didn't even use his silly voice. So proud.  Sang some of the songs- mostly jumped around and said to daddy, who was sitting next to him in case of a jail break, "Look Mom's singing!" Because I happen to know the songs and I was trying to encourage him to sing or at least stop jumping.  So he tried, in vain, to get Daddy to sing them too--but Daddy wasn't the Primary chorister so he didn't know them (some were a bit obscure). He managed to get a few laughs from the congregation though.

After church it was time to CARVE PUMPKINS! I wasn't super thrilled at the idea (still groggy from my nap that should have just been an early bedtime) so I cleaned/roasted pumpkin seeds until the kiddos went to bed.  
Smiley face= Lando's, Jumping Spider= Sean's, Scary Teeth=Ian's, Cyclops=Maggie's
What a difference REAL carving knives has on the ability to carve decent designs! Growing up we used good ol' steak knives (sorry for breaking that one when I was trying to do my curly mustache Mom).  We will add to our pumpkin knife collection every year I think.  After pumpkins it was time to work on Sean's costume for work the next day (being today) Being the techie that he is we thought it would be funny if he was a software pirate.  
Behold again!
Sadly he forgot his hat when he drove to work and happens to mostly work by himself in a shed (as described by him) so no one will see the real awesomeness until tonight...unless of course they check out the blog *wink*

Then today: Remember the yummy Frankenstein brains we had a few years ago? Well today we had Monster Brains again for lunch with Swamp Milk to wash it down.  (Ian has blue milk here which he calls "horsey milk"--my swamp milk was green)

Now I just have to figure out what the heck I'M going to wear tonight... I think my gloves and nerdy glasses at least but I don't know what the final product will be.  I'll let you know! 

Oh yeah- and we made THESE. Holy scrumptious. Easy too!



  1. WoW! You are one busy mama. Wish I coulda seen the Primary program. Your Church Bros. are awfully cute, as is the Software Pirate. I carved exactly one jack-o-lantern. Last night. With a steak knife. My better half offered to get me the pumpkin knife carving kit when we bought our three beautiful pumpkins, but I waved him off. Perhaps I'll have to rethink that. Also, tried to blog my photos, but router is messed up again. Somebody musta put a hex on AT&T. Rightly so. But dang it frustrates me.

  2. Oh man, Lando's got the eyebrow thing down pretty well. I do like to see that. And I totally didn't realize Sean's was a spider at first... I thought it was just a bunch of cool wiggly shapes... hence my mistaking it for Ian's. But I see it now. Well done Sean. And the pirate thing is brilliant btw. Have a very haunted evening.

  3. Your boys are so cute. I'm just a random blog stalker... I commented under you on a giveaway and saw you had 3 boys- on in 3-6m clothes. :) I have 3 boys too and think they must be almost exactly your boys' ages. It's fun to see what a mama living a parallel life is up to!


  4. Software pirate. Ahh love it! Clever.