Monday, October 3, 2011

MCS Middle Child Syndrome

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project suggests blogging a little bit every day.  Interesting idea and hard to fit in but I like the IDEA.  Probably won't happen but we'll see how far I can make it.  

The boys are watching Peter Pan and napping (Charlie is the only one napping) while I take a moment on the computer.  Lest you think that Landon is going to end up with middle child syndrome (you know- nothing new, no pictures to document his life, never big enough or too big...) let me share some things about my second born:

He knows most of his colors now- though pink throws him off.  He leans towards warm colors- red, orange, yellow, hot pink for his favorite things.  The other day we went to the Teddy Bear Clinic where the kids each get to choose their own bear and go through the doctors' office to show that it's ok to go to the doctor.  The bear got a cast at one station and the kids could choose what color they wanted.  Landon wanted a hot pink cast for his bear, Chopper.  He's all better now so he got to take his cast off today.  

My fearless one is at the stage where he's starting to be afraid of things.  Mostly large animals.  Like the elk head he thought was going to get him when he was with Daddy getting beans in Colorado.  Or talking about bears on our walk yesterday.  Don't blame him though- I wouldn't want to be face to face with either of them. He loves the smaller-stuffed-friendly versions of animals though.  He's also starting to play pretend with his stuffed animals.  

He loves the sky and all things in it.  This is one thing I particularly love about Landon.  We always joked that he would love to fly because he got to go on a plane hours after entering this world.  Turns out it might be true.  He *LOVES* airplanes, clouds, rainbows, stars, the moon- anything in the sky.  Maybe he'll be an amateur astronomer like my grandpa.  Maybe he'll be a meteorologist.  Maybe he'll be a pilot.  Maybe he'll just be a well grounded human with a love of all things above. 

Landon has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen.  Not that he has any sort of control over that- just think it's interesting.  He also has curly hair like his daddy.  I'm thinking of letting him grow it out a little as long as he lets me comb/brush it.  

Landon's favorite book is Goodnight Moon.  He loves to snuggle and sometimes just be NEAR you.  

I love my second born.  
My second born loves hats and food.  Just like his mama. :)
Making Gingerbread Cookies December 2010 

Fed Felt Fireman hat at the thrift store.  Yes we went to the store in sue me.

Mommy's red hat and cheese pizza.  Age 1. 

Dual weilding swards at Thanksgiving 2010. 

Nothing better than a bear and a boy and some chocolate milk.  

Daddy's villian hat from the Melodrama. July  2011

Popcorn: good for eating and throwing at Daddy. July 2011

July/August 2011


  1. While some may give me crap about it, I've been trying to hit the every M-F blogging goal all year. I've done well, but it's HARD. Good luck!

  2. The hat photos and all the lovely details about your Numma Two delight me. He brings me joy. Thank you.

  3. Love that little man. Can't wait to see you both so soon!!!

    And I approve of the lots-of-blogging. :) Know that I love your blog posts EVERY TIME.