Thursday, October 6, 2011


All three are asleep- two with the promise that if they take a nap they can stay up until Aunt Trish gets here.  They're pretty excited.  :) I even tucked Ian in with wishes of "Snug as Aunt Trish in her Mustang"--he liked that one.

So we put in an offer on a house last night and now we wait.  I'm a firm believer in the "do-what-you-can-but-if-it-doesn't-work-out-it-wasn't-meant-to-be" philosophy so I'm really just waiting to see what the next step will be.  Working on gathering the essential documents.  That's the really fun part.  I'm not over the moon excited but not full of dread- just peacefully waiting.  Don't get me wrong- it IS exciting and I AM excited.  Just not "oh-my-gosh-this-would-be-perfect-and-the-world-will-stop-spinning-if-we-don't-get-it" kind of excited.  Also wouldn't be jealous if someone else got it.  That's something I'm learning about living in a small town.  If you apply for a job, per se, and you don't get it but then your friend does.... ouch right?  Initially a little bit.  But in the end you're excited for the other person.  In a bigger town you likely wouldn't know the other person so it's easy to be upset or jealous or angry that THEY got it and YOU didn't.  In a small town I'm learning that you just have to let things go.  Or else you run the risk of alienating all possible friends because of holding a grudge over something rather petty.  And yes- the job thing did in fact happen to us.  But life has a way of working out for all of us.  And no- I'm not Pollyanna.

So Today is Thursday and day 4 of daily musings.  I find it hard to find things to blog about (and yet I manage to ramble on) mostly because I think nobody is really interested in the day to day stuff.  I should save my posts for when we do fun stuff or I have something brilliant to say.  But I find I still have thoughts and feelings even on the less exciting days.  Don't we all? And isn't that really why I love to read and write anyway?  It bridges the gaps and reminds us we're all essentially more alike than we are different.  Of course some of us just happen to have a better sense of humor.  (I kid.)  Speaking of humor- has anyone else out there seen the TV show "Lie to Me"?  It's on Netflix and I love it- far more than I loved Monk simply because Mon is a bit neurotic and Cal is focused more on emotions.  Check it out if you haven't- if you have- what do you think??


  1. Sister, I love hearing the day to day things. (Even when I don't comment about it.) Keep 'em coming.

  2. I second Chris's comment. Also, even better than it-wasn't-meant-to-be is it-doesn't-work-out-because-something-better-is-a-little-farther-up-ahead. Truly. I've been bummed when things didn't work out, but what came along later was better than the one I was bummed about. So there's that.

  3. Totally just watched an episode of Lie to Me last night. I have loved that show for a while. Congrats on making an offer on a house hope you get it!