Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hurst Reunion 2011

Had a lovely reunion this last weekend.  Charlie even did really well for his first camping trip.
Thanks Aunt Trish for arranging it all.

4 generations of Hursts.
 Then we took family pictures.  Here are some of my favorites from our little family:
This kid was awfully grumpy during the photo shoot.
Luckily we had goldfish to bribe him. 

Climbing on the fort.

My sweet boys. (Note Landon is hiding his goldfish.)

The Mama.
And the Daddy: 
...and so the light reflects off the disco ball...

And the non-cheesy shot...well...less cheesy :)

And for the grand finale:
Droop Shot

There are oodles more family pictures.  But that'll do for now.  


  1. Love it! Great looking family! Sunny

  2. Love the red feathery flower in the Mama's hair! And everything else, too. You guys are awesome.

  3. Ditto Mom- I spy a cute red feathery thing in your hair. And I love that Landon looks like he just crawled straight off the farm. (Maybe he just crawled out of Milo and Otis? You know, if that movie had people in it.) And the disco ball line is the best part of the movie. :) Cute cute family. Love you guys.

  4. You look adorable! Despite the weird thing in your hair ;) Even the shot of Landon with a less than smiley face is really actually cute. He looks...buff...or manly in a little adorable boy kind of way.

  5. You look SOOOO good post-baby!!! What is your secret??!?!

  6. Thanks Melissa. I attribute it to a few things: good genes (thanks Mom!), putting on enough weight beforehand that it doesn't look much different afterwards and not taking pictures of my flubby belly :)