Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All In One Go

I thought since it feels like forever since I sat down to do a blog entry I'd just do it all in one go.  
(In the voice of Peter Pan) "Here we GOoooo!"

This is how Landon shows he can be a good big brother.  He is "reading" one of his favorite books to Charlie.  It's in the shape of a tractor and all about...you guessed it- TRACTORS! 
 Other big brother wanted in when he heard Lando say "Cheese!" (PS I don't know how the scratch on Lando's face happened only that we didn't realize it was a full scratch and not just dried blood that had run down his face until the next day...)
 So the boys keep me busy.  Same story as every other mom right?
Know what else keeps me busy (and makes a grand mess?) 
But it's good for the soul most of the time and doesn't hand me boogers as presents.  So here's the story behind THIS craft project.  You see I'll be flying to California to visit my Grandma soon but it'll just be me and the wee babe (who is a month old now- can you believe it? but more on THAT later...) Well airport "security" being what it is (a joke) I have to practically dress down to my skivvies in order to prove I'm not harboring any weapons (other than dirty diapers- meh heh heh) and thus allowed to board the plane.  The car seat gets checked so I don't have to lug the massive thing around and I'm left with my wee babe in arms and a carry-on (it's not a long trip) and my trusty diaper bag for holding said dirty diapers until a trash can can be located. Hm...so just how am I supposed to remove my shoes and belt and sweatshirt and sunglasses and watch and rings and ID and little ziplock baggie of liquid items no larger than 3 oz.?  I'll tell you.  Put the baby in a sling.  Now I *do* have a Moby Wrap but that is 5 yards of fabric and requires two hands to take off and put back on-- as I will of course have to remove it for security to scan and deem acceptable.  So where would I put the baby in the meantime? Stroller?  Still a bit too little for the umbrella type (though I could make it work if I really had to). Lay him on the conveyor belt? Agh! Don't scan the baby! I'm just getting my shoes off dangit! (Note to self: flip flops) Hand him to some stranger- No I don't THINK so! So what can I use to hold the baby while I strip down for the safety of all on board and then be able to remove one handed so it too can go through the x ray machine?  A sling.  Cool.  Except I happen to live in a rather rural town with limited shopping options and DIDN'T think of it soon enough to order online.  Enter: the Internet.  Thanks Internet for introducing me to crafty blogs and Etsy.com.  I found a pattern online for a sling.  Paid my $6 for the PDF.  Waited anxiously for the email.  
Woo Hoo- finally (I think it took a whole 6 hours...in a world of instant gratification I don't do well to wait that long. I think I did some laundry... probably not though.) So I made my sling.  Had to figure out the somewhat cryptic instructions and use what material on hand that I happen to have 2 yards of... space aliens it is.  I wasn't very happy with how it was turning out.  Not to mention it was supposed to be a "30 minute" pattern--which it would have been if I knew which direction to fold the fabric and didn't have 3 kids begging for different things. (Waah- hungry? dirty? gassy? hm.. "Mom I need a snack!" "He has my Lightening McQueen!" "Water!" "Ready to be wiiiiiped" "Waah" and so it goes.)I think it took more like 3 or 4 hours for it to be "done".  Then I went to my sister in law's house and told her about all of it and guess what?  She HAS a sling.  That I could have just borrowed.  That is better than the one I made out of blood, sweat and tears. DOH! 
So I borrowed hers to use as a guide and tweaked my own so it's awesome now, too.  Then I had a baby shower for Sean's cousin to attend and thought, "Now that I know how to do this- I could probably whip one out before the shower."  So I did.  And it was lovely.  Easy peasy.  30 minutes-ish to do (plus extra for the extras I added).  I finished it before Drop Dead Diva was over so less than an hour.  And the fabric I got for it was a beautiful lilac color.  See?
 Even has a cell phone pocket and a loop to clip keys to or a binky.
The gift sling was a major success and I'm hoping to report back that mine worked just as well as I'm hoping. 

Now for some fun.  
I'm sure most of you just scrolled through the pictures FIRST and then went back to read (if at all- I do babble so I don't blame you.)
This little squirt is a month old now.  Crazy!  
 Don't be confused: I don't actually think my kid in an orangutan.  He happens to have reddish hair though and it sticks up after he has a bath... which is really what I was trying to show you in the above picture-- the one below is just for reference.  

 It looks really reddish in the sun but I failed to capture that in this shot below.  Sorry. 
I don't happen to know his exact stats because we haven't been to the doctor in a week but when we were there last he was 8lbs. 15ozs. So it's probably safe to say he's over 9lbs now.  And last I knew he was 23 inches long.  To recap: he's gained 2+ pounds and 3 inches since birth.  What a champ. 
I happen to love this next shot of him-- and yes I'm totally biased.  
 This last one is likely the best shot for his reddish brown hair though you'll probably just say it's the red blanket and not really his hair that makes it look that way.  Well for those who don't believe me- you'll just have to see him in person and decide for yourself. 
Anyone who read the whole blog- thanks :) Hope you enjoyed the update- it's not likely to happen as often for a while as I get used to this whole thing.


  1. Wish I could read tractors with Lando and take care of snacks and wiping so you could sew up some more of those beautious gifts to give to all your family and friends so they can sling their babies, too! Can't wait to rub Charlie's red head and kiss his pencil-line eyebrows, and droop hudge you both. Until then, keep up the excellent baby-slinging!

  2. Yay for epic length blogs!! It makes me feel better about writing them myself. :-)

  3. He's adorable! And I need you to teach me how to use those dang slings. I never got the hang of them with my boys.

  4. Beautiful sling and even more beautiful boy! Looks like he's got that little round nose his big brother has. And yes, I did read the whole thing and I even liked it. :)

  5. Cute sling! Cute kid! Cute hair! I'm never brave enough to craft when Kinley is awake cause it takes me 5 hours to do something that should take me 5 minutes. I think you're superwoman to be able to sew with 3 kids. Way to go!

  6. LOVE the sling! You did such a great job, you crafty lady :) Your boys are SO stinking cute.... You make 'em good :)

  7. I want you to make one of those slings for me, but I don't have a baby. Can you throw in a baby? Thanks. You shouldn't have!

    Cute baby. You are surrounded by boys in the way that my husband is surrounded by girls. How do you like it? I think my husband is planning to run away to Anchorage forever.