Thursday, August 25, 2011

What day is today? IAN'S BIRTHDAY!

So apparently I don't have photo documentation of last year's festivities. Bummer.  Well just to remind myself- last year we did a party at the park with a store-bought cake with Thomas the Train plopped on top.  Ian loved it.  I plan on doing a similar theme this year- mostly because it's easy for me and pleases the man child.

Here are rounds two and one.

So here's to my firstborn: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN! Can't believe he's 4.  Next year this post will be about him starting Kindergarten and being 5.  Crazy nuts.  We're having a grand celebration for the firstborn on Saturday so I'll post pictures (assuming I remember to TAKE them) after that.  Today he gets to have whatever he wants for dinner.  What does he request? Macaroni and Cheese.  Comin' right up, son.

Here are a few things about Ian:

  • He loves to swim and just BE in the water. 
  • Foods he could eat all day long: burritos (with salsa and sour cream of course), macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, olives, pickles, goldfish crackers, pink lemonade, chocolate milk (wonder where he gets THAT craving from), chips and salsa, cantaloupe, red grapes
  • He loves to write- letters, numbers, stories, grocery lists ANYTHING.  Currently he can spell IAN, OMA, DAD and MOM on his own.  And he knows that L is for Landon.  
  • He is fascinated with all things in motion: Trains, Cars, Trucks, Submarines--and he's very interested in the actual mechanics of these things not just that they go.  See:
  • Loves the outdoors- especially the mountain.  He's always happiest up in the mountains- even since he was a wee babe.  We took him to cut wood when he was 6 weeks old or so and he was as happy as could be. It used to be that the only thing that would calm him down as a baby was to take him outside.  
  • He loves the snow.  Can't wait for winter.
  • His favorite color is probably blue.  Because that's what color Thomas is. 
  • Favorite phrases lately: "See ya later alligator!"  "After while crocodile!"  "Sure thing chicken wing!" "Because I'm a silly goober." "Can I hold de baby?" "I want 4 because I am almost 4" (Guess what kiddo? Now you ARE 4!) "Let's call __________ on Daddy's computer." (Skype-his new favorite thing) "What day is today?" "No, what number is it?" "I'm ready to be wiped!" "Can we go in da Suburban?"
Love you goober. 
So glad you're mine kiddo. 


  1. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! to my favorite 4-year-old. So much joy crammed into so few years. I wasn't OMA until you came. Love you BIG!

  2. First off, you don't have the pictures from his last birthday because I have the pictures from his last birthday. In fact, a couple of them are printed off and waiting to go on my bulletin board. I'll email you.

    Besides that, I just wanna say that I love that little boy and miss him a WHOLE LOT. Hope his birthday is all he ever hoped it would be.

    AND, I would lastly like to point out that that kid's a Utah boy through and through. Love you guys.