Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Love these boys...

Something fierce.
Now that's not saying they don't drive me BONKERS sometimes, because they do-- but the rest of the time? Yeah I love 'em.  I think I'll keep them.  (Check back after they've played in the mud or smell like puppies- or worse when they're teenagers and I might have a different answer...we'll see.)

I don't think Ian is biting Charlie-- I think he's giving him kisses like I asked him to.
 I hope that's what it is at least. 

I'm fully aware that my camera decided to go all funky on me for this shot.  I blame the mostly dead batteries. But I could just claim it's artistic right?  He just looked so cute sleeping I couldn't resist- mostly dead batteries and all (mostly dead- which is slightly alive.  "TO BLAVE!")


  1. I THOUGHT I was keeping up with your blog, but I guess not! Thomas birthday cake?! Sir Topham Hat pinata?! You had a BABY?! I miss your blog for ONE week....

    Cute baby! Looove the Napoleon Dynamite quote. Your boys have gorgeous eyes.

    This comment is like three bizarre comments in one!

  2. Where are Charlie's dino-jammies?

    Thanks for the pictures Sis. Love those boys and Love you.

  3. Super cute jammies! And a trio of nibblicious boys. Love you lots!

  4. "Which means to bluff!"
    Love the pictures!

  5. To Blave!

    This makes me so happy...

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, these pictures are so sweet :)
    TO BLAVE!!! ha ha ha
    Hope all is well, I miss your sarcasm and smile at Book Club.

  7. What sweet brothers. Loved the Sir Topham Hat and cake by the way. Cute, cute, cute!

  8. Your posts always make me laugh :) I LOVE 'Princess Bride'. What a priceless movie :)