Thursday, August 4, 2011

HERE is the "symmetrical" attempt

My apologies blogosphere: Shari pointed out that I had the wrong picture posted before.  So HERE is the attempt at making it Symmetrical--alas I didn't have the right amount of squares (see how the bottom left one looks TOTALLY out of place) because the pattern I was going off of makes a 3x3 square quilt- but I like the 3x4 size better: 
 And again the final pattern for the top-- much more mixed up-- I like it better that way. 

After sewing it together it's a little... lumpy. But hey- that's life right?  I'm not about to unpick the stitches and redo it.  I'll post more when I get it actually finished.  Or when the baby comes- whichever is first. 


  1. I love the quilt! When you wash it, the lumps will blend in and look fine. Great job.

  2. No, No! I liked it! The second design was pretty dang cool :) Well done, lady :)

  3. This is SO cute -- I love the colors :) I miss you!!

  4. Hey! Saw your comment. I thought for sure your break from posting meant baby #3. So no baby yet huh?? How about a name?!?! No, well ok, keep me posted.
    Love ya