Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For your viewing pleasure:

A DELUGE of pictures:

First up we have this sweet boy's first birthday.  
(No this one is NOT mine- he's my nephew--isn't he cute though?)
I love that he has brown eyes and hope perhaps his little cousin will too. 

 This one is for Great Uncle Mike (and all other Uncle Mikes).  
The tradition continues. 

(Yes the picture IS turned the right way- Lando is sticking his head out the back of the stroller after which he promptly announced "See Me?!")

Blue Icing makes for blue fingers and mouths: Silly Grandpa (See where the boy children get it from?)

Look! Look! I finished Wee #3's Blankie:
 With apparently at least a week to spare...

Here are some of his friends waiting for him:
(Ian loves the bear and Lando loves the giraffe- wonder what baby boy Hurst will choose)

Now, I am well aware that this one is not a great photo.  
However, if you look closely you can see a hidden message quilted into the green and navy blue strips.
There are also 7 hidden stars in random places on the blankie. 
 I used invisible thread this time and cotton batting to see what would happen.  The invisible thread is kind of a pain to work with (maybe less so by hand but I don't have the patience for that) BUT the cotton batting: I LOVE.  Good thing I got lots of it. I love that it shrinks when you wash it and gives the crinkly look to the blanket.  I think with each blankie I've tried new things which is kind of fun because they all end up so different. 

Here's the back of the quilt. 

And here's Wee #3's outfit for family pictures coming up in September... this kid had BETTER be here by then. :)

And last but not least (because it's huge)...Here's the new Suburban.
We need a name for it so we know what to call it when it needs some encouragement or praise.  Word to the wise:  Don't badmouth your cars or they'll show you who is boss... in fact, our dear sweet Jetta, Nena, has shown us this time and time again.  She's what one might call moody and gets jealous easily.  When we borrowed Aunt Trish's Mustang she threw a fit and wouldn't work.  Now that we have the suburban she decided to let her transmission take the day off.  So we're technically back down to ONE working vehicle.  But don't be fooled: We have been immensely blessed in this.  We paid cash (Yay for no vehicle debt) for the 'burban (as Sean likes to call it) and hopefully will be able to budget the repairs for our beloved Nena.  AND we have a working (and registered) vehicle.  The timing was divine.  Grateful for that.  

So there's our little update. No baby yet. He's comfy (according to HIM) right where he is.  I go back and forth between wishing for labor and being grateful I'm not in that much pain right now.  The emotional roller-coaster I could do without though.  I've also stopped doing things I'm not supposed to do: like rides up the mountain (where we saw 60+ deer, 8 turkeys and a badger and a few meandering cows)  and driving to Monticello by myself and leaning over on the floor for hours quilting.  I figure we're trying to get this kid here anyway right?  Why should I be afraid of a little 20 mile roadtrip? 


  1. A BADGER!? And I vote you name the 'burban "Tiny". Ironically, of course. Cousins & quilting & Silly Boys & "see food" -- I think that pretty much sums up your life ;)

  2. Love the Pictures, The Quilt, The outfit, and That He is Comfy!!!!
    Sorry that your Nena is acting up, but I am glad you have a "back-up". Funny how that works. :)
    Miss you and i can't wait to see #3!

  3. That quilt is AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see your new little one :)

  4. I love that quilt!! You will have to show me how to make it. I try to sew but then I realize, I really don't know how.

    Still no baby?

  5. Love that beautiful quilt! We only ever tie quilts. Good luck with the new little one.

  6. LOVE the quilt. Well done, you crafty lady :) Here's hoping for you that # 3 will come SOON :)

  7. Congratulations darling. I peeked at your new one on your moms blog. He is beautiful! Love your guts. Way to go!