Friday, August 26, 2011

Charlie's First Week

I'll spare you the details except to tell you that this was a different and amazing birth experience. 
Friday just before midnight baby Charlie made his debut.
Charles Curtis Hurst
6 lbs13 oz
20 1/4 inches long 
11:44 pm
Happy and Healthy
So blessed.
Proud grandparents

Protective and adoring big brother

Group Shot of all my boys.
Landon really IS excited about being a big brother- just not about Mom taking more pictures. 

Sleepy Boys

So far the only picture I have with me and Charlie.  I'm usually behind the camera.  And yes I did my hair and makeup before the picture.  I learned my lesson. 

Group Shot again.  These boys just LOVE their little brother.   Landon calls him "Little" all the time.  This is when we came home from the hospital.  They were so happy. 

We have a picture like this of Landon- I'll have to try and find it.  I think they look like brothers for sure.
Look at those eyes: I love when he's awake. 

And when he's asleep.  Just a sweet little angel.

Welcome to the family.  You were worth the wait.  Hope you enjoyed your visit with our family on the other side and now we're so happy you're with us.  


  1. Oh, thank you! For this post. For marrying Sean. For making beautiful boys with him. For being such an wonderful woman. I love the "Droop shots" and the look on each boy's face. You look amazing in the Peace, Love & California shirt. And Charlie IS our angel. Looking forward to a Hurst Droop Hudge with with all of y'all.

  2. Aw, Maggie, that is a BEAUTIFUL little boy you have. And I absolutely love the picture of Ian holding him. Give those boys kisses from their auntie for me.

  3. He's Adorable! Congrats! I'm glad he finally made it here. It looks like your two older boys are enjoying him.

  4. He is so sweet and delicious. Congratulations again.... Love you.

  5. Precious baby. Congratulations. He is beautiful. Love that picture of him sleeping. Those cheeks are just adorable!

  6. congrats, Maggie! He's adorable! We're probably destined to have more girls, so we should introduce our kids in say, 20 years? ;)

  7. He is so sweet! Congratulations on the new addition. You look fabulous, by the way. :)