Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Love these boys...

Something fierce.
Now that's not saying they don't drive me BONKERS sometimes, because they do-- but the rest of the time? Yeah I love 'em.  I think I'll keep them.  (Check back after they've played in the mud or smell like puppies- or worse when they're teenagers and I might have a different answer...we'll see.)

I don't think Ian is biting Charlie-- I think he's giving him kisses like I asked him to.
 I hope that's what it is at least. 

I'm fully aware that my camera decided to go all funky on me for this shot.  I blame the mostly dead batteries. But I could just claim it's artistic right?  He just looked so cute sleeping I couldn't resist- mostly dead batteries and all (mostly dead- which is slightly alive.  "TO BLAVE!")

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Party Post

The next two pictures are for you Ericson:
I know it's a weird picture but at this angle you can see Spencer's face. 
Reminiscent of cakes past perhaps? Yeah but it worked for me. And it turned out pretty yummy. 
Cake from a box and frosting from a can. 

My pride and joy: or at least my project that I'm very proud of:
Sir Topham Hatt was originally going to be a spider for Daddy's Birthday but I didn't get it finished. 
He graciously offered it for Ian's Party. 
Here's the BEFORE^ 

We had two kids at the party with quite the swing. 
After everyone left Ian wanted to practice some more. 
Now here's the AFTER:

Which of course reminds me of a quote from a lovely little movie called Napoleon Dynamite:
Principal Svadean: Look, Pedro, I don't know how they do things down in Juarez, but here in Idaho we have a little something called pride. Understand? Smashing in the face of a pinata that resembles Summer Wheatley is a disgrace to you, me, and the entire Gem State. 

Later Deb asks if Pedro is still allowed to run for President. To which he replies: 
Pedro: Yes. I don't understand... they say you're not allowed to have pinatas that look like real people, but in Mexico, we do it all the time. 

Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head,
What do you wish with a BONK on the head?

Part of the party was sidewalk chalk art. 

All in all I think the kids had a pretty good time. 
I know Uncle Tyler did :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Charlie's First Week

I'll spare you the details except to tell you that this was a different and amazing birth experience. 
Friday just before midnight baby Charlie made his debut.
Charles Curtis Hurst
6 lbs13 oz
20 1/4 inches long 
11:44 pm
Happy and Healthy
So blessed.
Proud grandparents

Protective and adoring big brother

Group Shot of all my boys.
Landon really IS excited about being a big brother- just not about Mom taking more pictures. 

Sleepy Boys

So far the only picture I have with me and Charlie.  I'm usually behind the camera.  And yes I did my hair and makeup before the picture.  I learned my lesson. 

Group Shot again.  These boys just LOVE their little brother.   Landon calls him "Little" all the time.  This is when we came home from the hospital.  They were so happy. 

We have a picture like this of Landon- I'll have to try and find it.  I think they look like brothers for sure.
Look at those eyes: I love when he's awake. 

And when he's asleep.  Just a sweet little angel.

Welcome to the family.  You were worth the wait.  Hope you enjoyed your visit with our family on the other side and now we're so happy you're with us.  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What day is today? IAN'S BIRTHDAY!

So apparently I don't have photo documentation of last year's festivities. Bummer.  Well just to remind myself- last year we did a party at the park with a store-bought cake with Thomas the Train plopped on top.  Ian loved it.  I plan on doing a similar theme this year- mostly because it's easy for me and pleases the man child.

Here are rounds two and one.

So here's to my firstborn: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN! Can't believe he's 4.  Next year this post will be about him starting Kindergarten and being 5.  Crazy nuts.  We're having a grand celebration for the firstborn on Saturday so I'll post pictures (assuming I remember to TAKE them) after that.  Today he gets to have whatever he wants for dinner.  What does he request? Macaroni and Cheese.  Comin' right up, son.

Here are a few things about Ian:

  • He loves to swim and just BE in the water. 
  • Foods he could eat all day long: burritos (with salsa and sour cream of course), macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, olives, pickles, goldfish crackers, pink lemonade, chocolate milk (wonder where he gets THAT craving from), chips and salsa, cantaloupe, red grapes
  • He loves to write- letters, numbers, stories, grocery lists ANYTHING.  Currently he can spell IAN, OMA, DAD and MOM on his own.  And he knows that L is for Landon.  
  • He is fascinated with all things in motion: Trains, Cars, Trucks, Submarines--and he's very interested in the actual mechanics of these things not just that they go.  See:
  • Loves the outdoors- especially the mountain.  He's always happiest up in the mountains- even since he was a wee babe.  We took him to cut wood when he was 6 weeks old or so and he was as happy as could be. It used to be that the only thing that would calm him down as a baby was to take him outside.  
  • He loves the snow.  Can't wait for winter.
  • His favorite color is probably blue.  Because that's what color Thomas is. 
  • Favorite phrases lately: "See ya later alligator!"  "After while crocodile!"  "Sure thing chicken wing!" "Because I'm a silly goober." "Can I hold de baby?" "I want 4 because I am almost 4" (Guess what kiddo? Now you ARE 4!) "Let's call __________ on Daddy's computer." (Skype-his new favorite thing) "What day is today?" "No, what number is it?" "I'm ready to be wiped!" "Can we go in da Suburban?"
Love you goober. 
So glad you're mine kiddo. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For your viewing pleasure:

A DELUGE of pictures:

First up we have this sweet boy's first birthday.  
(No this one is NOT mine- he's my nephew--isn't he cute though?)
I love that he has brown eyes and hope perhaps his little cousin will too. 

 This one is for Great Uncle Mike (and all other Uncle Mikes).  
The tradition continues. 

(Yes the picture IS turned the right way- Lando is sticking his head out the back of the stroller after which he promptly announced "See Me?!")

Blue Icing makes for blue fingers and mouths: Silly Grandpa (See where the boy children get it from?)

Look! Look! I finished Wee #3's Blankie:
 With apparently at least a week to spare...

Here are some of his friends waiting for him:
(Ian loves the bear and Lando loves the giraffe- wonder what baby boy Hurst will choose)

Now, I am well aware that this one is not a great photo.  
However, if you look closely you can see a hidden message quilted into the green and navy blue strips.
There are also 7 hidden stars in random places on the blankie. 
 I used invisible thread this time and cotton batting to see what would happen.  The invisible thread is kind of a pain to work with (maybe less so by hand but I don't have the patience for that) BUT the cotton batting: I LOVE.  Good thing I got lots of it. I love that it shrinks when you wash it and gives the crinkly look to the blanket.  I think with each blankie I've tried new things which is kind of fun because they all end up so different. 

Here's the back of the quilt. 

And here's Wee #3's outfit for family pictures coming up in September... this kid had BETTER be here by then. :)

And last but not least (because it's huge)...Here's the new Suburban.
We need a name for it so we know what to call it when it needs some encouragement or praise.  Word to the wise:  Don't badmouth your cars or they'll show you who is boss... in fact, our dear sweet Jetta, Nena, has shown us this time and time again.  She's what one might call moody and gets jealous easily.  When we borrowed Aunt Trish's Mustang she threw a fit and wouldn't work.  Now that we have the suburban she decided to let her transmission take the day off.  So we're technically back down to ONE working vehicle.  But don't be fooled: We have been immensely blessed in this.  We paid cash (Yay for no vehicle debt) for the 'burban (as Sean likes to call it) and hopefully will be able to budget the repairs for our beloved Nena.  AND we have a working (and registered) vehicle.  The timing was divine.  Grateful for that.  

So there's our little update. No baby yet. He's comfy (according to HIM) right where he is.  I go back and forth between wishing for labor and being grateful I'm not in that much pain right now.  The emotional roller-coaster I could do without though.  I've also stopped doing things I'm not supposed to do: like rides up the mountain (where we saw 60+ deer, 8 turkeys and a badger and a few meandering cows)  and driving to Monticello by myself and leaning over on the floor for hours quilting.  I figure we're trying to get this kid here anyway right?  Why should I be afraid of a little 20 mile roadtrip? 

Friday, August 12, 2011


I should probably go to bed seeing as I'm feeling a but grumpy but eh- why? 

So first update: the one I know you guys are dying for.... no baby yet.  Only at a 2 so no membrane stripping yet either to get the party started.  (TMI? Eh. My blog.) Kind of frustrated about the whole thing.  I'm losing patience and starting to worry that my umph for labor is waning.   Want to meet this kiddo.  Want to NOT be pregnant anymore.  Would rather hold him in my ARMS than in my belly.  Kind of getting sick of pregnancy talk.  Mostly in relation to "When are you due?" uh yesterday "Man you really ARE bigger now than before." gee thanks.  I feel as big as a whale.  Glad you noticed. Have you seen my new and improved WADDLE too? FYI: talk in relation to size when pregnant is not usually appreciated.  In my opinion, not really appreciated in any circumstance unless referred to by me first.  Which I don't refer to.  People are so much MORE than a size or a number or any of those other stupid labels we get caught up in.  Couldn't one relate to another on a DIFFERENT level?  But that's really a blog for another day.  

Again the words from Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen come to mind.  "Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.  Advice is a form of nostalgia  dispensing it is a way of  fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth."
I get the giving advice bit.  I get that it's likely connected to something deep down that the distributor is passionate about.  Or it worked for them.  Or it sounds like a good idea.  Or they just couldn't come up with any other small talk.  But folks- unless I ask- I'm probably not interested in whatever philosophy you're trying to sell me on.  No really.  I'll try to remember that the next time I open MY mouth too.  

Don't really have anything else for you tonight folks.  Tired. Grumpy.  Emotional.  Think it's really time for bed now that the boys are FINALLY asleep. 

In other news: We got our second vehicle today.  It's a gas guzzling, American loving, 8 passenger holding Suburban.  Never thought I'd be a suburban mom. Ever. Would rather be a mini-van mom.  But this fits the bill and can go off road.  Bonus.  Oh and has a sun roof.  We might make that mandatory from now on.  Just for tradition sake.  All of our vehicles have managed to have one without it ever being on our list of wants (except the truck- but how do you put a sunroof on a vehicle that only has a regular cab? hmm...) Anyway- I'll probably post more about it (complete with photos) another day after we've had the chance to play with it some more.  

Here's hoping the sun'll come out tomorrow. 
the son'll come out tomorrow.  

However you choose to swing it.  
See ya later navigator. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Strong Silent Type

Don’t worry about the future;

or worry,

but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.

The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday. (Everybody's free to wear sunscreen)

It was more like 9:30 am on what would become an idle Tuesday.

My Grandpa died last night.  
Suddenly and unexpected. 
It's still rather shocking.

I've come to the keyboard countless times today to try and figure out how to write.  I feel I NEED to write.  I don't know what to write because I don't know what I feel.  I think my husband is right though; sometimes you have to write to know what you feel.  
Wise words, Love.  Wise words. 

Memories float in and out of my mind- but I wish I could hold on to some of them long enough to see what they are. To re-live them if only for a moment:
The money Grandpa gave me when I was heading off to college.  It was HIS money- HIS way of showing me he was proud of what I was doing.  
The broad, soft-bristled hair brush that smells like him. 
The fresh, long pieces of chalk he would get me and my brother from the top shelf in the kitchen. I'd usually drop mine and half of it would roll through the cracks in the porch. 
The critter books he would sit on the floor and read for hours on end.  I loved to listen to him read.
The duct tape marks on the ceiling in his bathroom left over from when he'd cover up the skylight while developing pictures or film. 
His telescopes. 
The lawnmower that lives in a doghouse.
His cat that hates everyone but him. Brown Shoes. Or Ten Speed- I can't remember which. 
The smell of his cigarettes.
His soft knit beanie rolled up on his head.
The sunglasses on the table.
Plaid shirts and faded Levi's. 
Grandpa's spot on the couch and at the table. 
His little black battery operated radio. I don't know what he always listened to but it was always on the end table.
Watching CNN with no sound.  I think he liked to read the ticker tape at the bottom with the headlines.  Why bother with closed captioning when it can never keep up with the news?
Arguments in the front room.  Though my Grandma always says that arguments are German past-time. 
Sitting in the shade of the Mulberry tree visiting.
His dentures I was always too afraid to peek at even though I knew where he kept them in the bathroom at night. 
Hale Bopp Comet slides that he took himself. 
Black and white photos from his time in the Navy and early years of my Mom's childhood.

Little things.

But they're really the big things.

He didn't talk much (unless you got him started on religion or politics or science) but that was ok.  
You could just sit in a room with him and smile and it was ok.  You didn't have to make small talk.  You could just BE.

I'm sad that I won't get any more of his hugs.  My grandpa was a tall, lanky man, but he sure gave the best hugs.  Tight.  Strong.  Let you know that you're loved.  

We all have faults.  Sure. We're human.  But I sure will miss my Grandpa and I know I'm not the only one.  

Grandma and Grandpa at my little brother's high school graduation. June 2006

Thursday, August 4, 2011

HERE is the "symmetrical" attempt

My apologies blogosphere: Shari pointed out that I had the wrong picture posted before.  So HERE is the attempt at making it Symmetrical--alas I didn't have the right amount of squares (see how the bottom left one looks TOTALLY out of place) because the pattern I was going off of makes a 3x3 square quilt- but I like the 3x4 size better: 
 And again the final pattern for the top-- much more mixed up-- I like it better that way. 

After sewing it together it's a little... lumpy. But hey- that's life right?  I'm not about to unpick the stitches and redo it.  I'll post more when I get it actually finished.  Or when the baby comes- whichever is first. 

Blankies and Camping- Strike that reverse it.

We went camping with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Nikki, Uncle Tyler and Brocky Boy last weekend.  This time we actually stayed the night.  It was fun but an air mattress at this stage of pregnancy is less than ideal.  We didn't stay the second night.
4 Wheeler ridin' and shootin' and playin' in the dirt wore the boys out. (Let me clarify: the grownups were shooting--the boys were assigned to find all the treasure AKA the shells)
Tired Boys:

 I spy with my little eye: Uncle Tyler up a tree.

So that was then and this is now... I've been working on Wee #3's quilt since apparently I have time. This is one of the original iterations of it.  Tried too hard to be symmetrical on the blocks at first. 

 THIS is what it is going to be:
It's a darn good thing I took a picture of it because as soon as I turned my back, Lando had messed up 3 of the squares.  No biggie- referencing my picture I restored it.  Well then I transferred the pictures to the hard drive and what should happen?  Looks like Hurricane Lando struck again- only this time ruining the WHOLE thing.  So I have put this picture BACK on my camera so I can fix it when Hurricane Lando is down for a nap.  Sneaky little gremlin.  Who wants to bet I'll get the whole blankie done before Wee #3 makes his arrival? I have a whole week ya know.