Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime...

Eat Banana Flavored Popsicles

I prefer the red ones- cherry maybe?

Take silly pictures. 

Kissy Face

"Droop Shot"

Play Catch with Daddy
(Also known as Get-Bonked-In-Da-Head-By-Da-Ball with Daddy.  Don't worry- he recovered.)

Fetch the ball and Drive Tonka trucks.
(This one is a classic- Antique even- 

it was Sean's as a kid.) Oh and apparently we don't wear pants at our house... I do- but my kids don't. 
 And of course when it's hot outside nothing beats a trip to the pool: 

I know this one is fuzzy but look at the joy on Landon's face. 

My little fishie

What you can't really see in this picture is Ian squirting Daddy with the squirt gun at the top of the play area. 

Time to warm up

This is before his hair cut. 

(After Hair Cuts) Two of my boys and a cousin.  So much fun. 

Let me clarify: The pictures are from different trips to the pool- I did NOT in fact cut the boys' hair AT the public pool...ew.


  1. Popsicles, and pools, and pants-optional! I wanna come do summah-time at your house. Great photos -- every single one. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. I think it's more important that you clarified about the pants...

    (and banana popsicles are of the devil!)

  3. Banana flavored popsicles?... I don't feel good about it.

    You might want to let Ian know that if he keeps making kissy faces like that he's gunna scare some of the girls off.

    Ian looks good in his baseball pants.

    That's a pretty sweet pool!


    I kinda like the boys' short hair cuts. What little men they are.

    And those are my comments.

    P.S. While I'm thinking about it- When we were camping we went to dinner at this fancy restaurant up in the park where everyone has exotic accents, and the waiter at the table next to us totally looked like Jacob from Lost.

  4. Tawnya- I thought I DID clarify the pants issue. For some reason (lazy mom who picks other battles) the boys are often outside in their jammies or only a shirt (with undies or diaper as the case may be). We often don't get dressed for REAL until late afternoon around here and by then it's too hot to do fun stuff like playin' ball. :) And for the record- I do in fact wear pants all the time. Not just in the afternoon.

    I'm totally in the mood to watch Lost again. The library has the whole series... except the first season- I'm hoping it was just checked out at the time or it's back to hulu for me.


  6. Oh, no. You did. I was just saying I thought THAT was the more important clarification, rather than the hair! ;)

    Have you started Jemima J yet?

  7. Mmmhmm...banana're speaking my language.

    That pool looks AWESOME. I should branch out and take my kids to a different pool.

    Finally, I want one of those Tonka trucks--the heavy duty metal kind that could withstand a nuclear holocaust. Why did they start making them plastic-y?

    This is a really fun post. :)

  8. Awesome post, even if you almost blinded by a couple of the pictures. It sure makes it look like we do more than I think we do.

  9. Nikki-Yes that cousin boy sure adds to the cuteness factor. I *LOVE* that last shot with all of them. Typical Ian cheesing and Landon ignoring me and sweet cousin adding to the mix.

    Tawnya- Haven't started the book yet- just barely got my library card (woo hoo!) perhaps this week if I'm not ya know in labor or anything. :) And thanks--I do agree it was important clarification. I do still want people to think I'm not totally nuts- just partly nuts. Any word on a Moab trip?

    Elise- I don't know. The funny thing is this ancient one has even been run over and is bent all skiwampus and my kids still prefer it (unless they're going for rides down the driveway then they prefer the one that goes in a straight line).

    Sean- I agree- this looks like we actually get out and DO stuff.... but we don't mostly.

  10. Not yet...we're still discussing places. And, well, money.

  11. Cute kids! You gotta love summertime! By the way we would make perfect popsicle partners. I don't like the banana ones and don't really care for the cherry ones either so you could eat all the banana and cherry and I would snatch up all the rootbeer. It would be sweet!:)