Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's play catch up...

When the 118th Sapper Unit got home this little town stopped traffic and welcomed them in.  My Brother in Law is on the first Fire truck.  They also had a program honoring them and their fallen brother.  
Given I had hurt my foot a bit wicked the day before it made for a long day- still adjusting to the boot. 

Below is the following day when they had a parade in Monticello celebrating Pioneer Day.  Again, Brother in law is here in the front- sans uniform (he wasn't the only one). 
 Here are the boys waving:
 At the horses:
After the parade (which in my oh so humble opinion-paled in comparison with Blanding's for the 4th of July) we stopped by a new little shop in town and this boy was in HEAVEN: 
 He even got to do the controls!

After the train shop we walked over to Great Grandpa's house (a mere block away) and visited with him for a bit before heading home for naps. 

 Grandma and Grandpa went camping the following weekend and let us come up and play for a bit.  9 miles from the house and it was WONDERFUL! 

 This doesn't even begin to show their excitement and joy at being on the 4 wheeler.
I also DID ride a 4 wheeler but left the driving up to Sean this time around.  When I had to find the ladies' tree it was a bit hilarious to see my predicament with a boot on my left foot and a ginormous pregnant belly preventing me from seeing what I was doing and throwing off my balance.  It was a moment I won't forget.  Sorry if now you won't be able to forget it either... but it was pretty funny. 

And last but not least: After 2 and a half months of being moved in, we are finally MOVED IN.  My mother in law helped us finish up our room and it's so nice to finally have everything in order. Ahhh. 
 (Please excuse the yellow bandanna on the dresser--I was too lazy to remove it and take another picture)
 My little monkies think the rocking chair is pretty great.  Thanks for sharing it with us Aunt Trish. 

Now that you're all caught up on pictures hopefully the next set will have a bouncing baby boy in them.  Another long night last night with 3 hours of contractions and then nothing.  Tomorrow is Sean's birthday and his sister, Tiffany has her money that wee #3 is making his debut tomorrow.... looks like you might be owing me some money sister in law :)  A lot can happen in 24 hours I guess.  

But I do also accept gifts in place of cash--Just FYI. 


  1. WhaT?!? a Yellow Bandana!!!
    Oh my call the police.
    You are so silly and it does look like you have been having a lot of fun.
    And thanks for the giggle, thinking about the "Ladies' Tree".

  2. Oh, your room looks lovely. Pictures of two boys are wonderful. Looking forward to pictures of you and Numero Tres rocking in Auntie Trish's chair. ((hug))