Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hormonal imbalance or just Rude?

I could easily become addicted.

Found this blog recently and love it. While I may not agree on all her points- I certainly feel it triggers thoughts and gets the rusty cogs turning in my brain.  THAT I love.  I like people that make me think.

I also like a little wit and sarcasm.  And a touch of snarkyness thrown in doesn't hurt.

I blame the hormones.

At least I hope it's the hormones, but I feel a bit snarky and rude lately and not near as remorseful about it as I should be.  I get this way sometimes.

My husband however may have gotten the brunt of it the other night and for that I AM sorry.  I may have accidently broken his toe- at the very least bruised it- by throwing a bucket of wheat on him- not on purpose- he was just there.  So what did I say?  Sorry- you were in the way.  Ugh. Rude. Sorry Babe.  Yes, the children were on the stairs yelling at me and yes, I was totally consumed with getting ice out of the freezer to satisfy my intense NEED for ice and yes, it had been a really long day.  But I still am sorry that I hurt you in the first place and then was rude about it afterward.

See folks? I'm not perfect.  I don't spend all day taking my kids to the pool and playing ball and eating popsicles and making PB&J in star-shaped sandwiches. (Which I am now craving a PBnJ in the shape of a star....or perhaps a tunafish sandwich on white bread with pickles and iceberg lettuce...dang)  Sometimes I throw containers of wheat and then blame my husband for having his feet in the way.  And I waste spend a lot of time reading other blogs when I could be doing something productive like putting away the LAST of the laundry.

But hey I posted today and *if* you're reading this then chances are you, too, are neglecting laundry or dishes or yardwork and now I don't feel so bad.  Thanks.

Now back to what I was supposed to be doing...


  1. I'm so sorry, Mags! I wish we could do an impromptu "whatever" night just to drown sorrows...for everyone!

  2. Not much harm done. My toe doesn't hurt any more, so I think it is okay. I love you hon.

  3. You're not perfect?! I am. I'm perfect, like, once a day but it's exhausting so I don't do it very often.

    I like reading Mormon Child Bride, but not very often because she makes me kind of negative. I don't even know why, I just know that I don't have the mental energy for that amount of negativity. So I only read in small doses. But I still read it because she's so stinking witty.

    P.S. I'm putting off cooking dinner to read this. :)

  4. Maggie, you are so sweet! Seriously, it's hormones and you are entitled to a few off moments. I can't wait to "see" your new little one... I hope it goes well.
    You've got a sweet hubby too :)
    I miss you!

  5. it's okay, sean has nine more toes.

  6. I think snarkiness and ill-focused frustration run in the family or something. Love you. Love you too Sean. Glad to hear your toe's ok.

  7. Kindness matters. Especially in marriage. BUT (and this is a Big But), Chris is right. We are evolving out of generations of genetically inherited rudeness AND hormonal imbalance. Sean is improving our gene pool. Keep doing all the good things you are doing. Love your guts.

  8. You. Are. Hilarious! And yes, I feel like this sometimes. It IS the hormones. Darn pregnancy! I swear...oh well, we all survive somehow, right? Just glad you could recognize it and say sorry. Miss you Mags!