Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Currently...(baby edition)

I feel more like THIS:

And less like THIS:

I'm also starting to stress a little bit.  Life has been so crazy with packing and graduating and moving and getting a job and figuring out how to get settled that I feel like this whole baby thing is rapidly sneaking up on me.  I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday and delivered Landon on 36 weeks exactly with not much (if any) warning that I was in labor. My back has been driving me nuts lately and since I have back labor that makes me nervous.  I also slept well the other night (not last night though) and I usually only do that before I go into labor.  

Other things I'm stressing about currently: 
  • Hospital bag not packed.  Though living less than 2 miles from the hospital I feel slightly less concerned about this than last time.  
  • Sean works 45 minutes away.  WHAT IF...he can't get back in time...(though again with my tendency to be in the hospital ALL freaking day I think he should be able to make it)
  • Will kidlet #3 come early? 
  • Will he have to be in the NICU like Lando was? 
  • Will I get to hold him?
  • Can I ever lose the baby weight? (At this point less of a concern- but real just the same-and no I'm not asking for advice on HOW)
  • Will his brothers be understanding? 
  • Can I handle 3?
  • What about our car? 
  • Will I struggle with Postpartum Depression again? Cause that really sucks. 
  • Where is my insurance card? Dang. Switching rooms a week ago messed up what little of a system I had for things.  
  • Is this Midwife thing really going to work out?
Well now that you know what's going on in my little (somewhat fried) brain-  here's to today: Cheers! Now it's time to tackle some of my room.  But I will have you know- we DO have wee #3's carseat and it does (kinda) fit in our car, and we have a pack of diapers and the clothes are washed and folded as are the receiving blankets and the bassinet is all set up and ready to go and I have a pile of things that will go into the hospital bag (well at least a list).  So I'm not TOTALLY unprepared.  Now, if we could only come up with a name....

And there will be a 4th of July post someday... soon... I think.


  1. Just breathe. :) Wish I could be there to help... you sound like you have a lot on your plate! Keeping you in my prayers. Love you!

  2. Eh, who needs trendy expensive pregnancy dresses anyways? Love you Sister. Maybe you should stop stressing a little. (Easier said than done, I realize.) All that stress might just make baby Leo a little more anxious to get outta there.

  3. Oh, man, that first photo is scary. Regarding the stress list -- this has been a huge life transition and you have managed it beautifully so far. You can handle whatever comes next. You always have. A new baby reminds us of the simple necessities: food, warmth, sleep, touch. These are pretty much the basics and everything beyond that is less essential. All will be well. Mama says.

  4. Midwives rock. That is all...

    You're in our thoughts! And, oh! How I hated those last month freak outs in my head. Love you and can't wait!

  5. drama drama drama. And boy should there be. Good luck, mommma. You're being prayed for ;)

  6. Hooray for the home stretch, hopefully he will be a little more patient so you won't have to do the NICU thing!!
    And seriously name the kid already i cannot properly complete your craft it forward project without his name!!!! AHHH.
    But seriously love your guts and hey at least you have a car to put a carseat in, Just so you look on the bright side:)