Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's play catch up...

When the 118th Sapper Unit got home this little town stopped traffic and welcomed them in.  My Brother in Law is on the first Fire truck.  They also had a program honoring them and their fallen brother.  
Given I had hurt my foot a bit wicked the day before it made for a long day- still adjusting to the boot. 

Below is the following day when they had a parade in Monticello celebrating Pioneer Day.  Again, Brother in law is here in the front- sans uniform (he wasn't the only one). 
 Here are the boys waving:
 At the horses:
After the parade (which in my oh so humble opinion-paled in comparison with Blanding's for the 4th of July) we stopped by a new little shop in town and this boy was in HEAVEN: 
 He even got to do the controls!

After the train shop we walked over to Great Grandpa's house (a mere block away) and visited with him for a bit before heading home for naps. 

 Grandma and Grandpa went camping the following weekend and let us come up and play for a bit.  9 miles from the house and it was WONDERFUL! 

 This doesn't even begin to show their excitement and joy at being on the 4 wheeler.
I also DID ride a 4 wheeler but left the driving up to Sean this time around.  When I had to find the ladies' tree it was a bit hilarious to see my predicament with a boot on my left foot and a ginormous pregnant belly preventing me from seeing what I was doing and throwing off my balance.  It was a moment I won't forget.  Sorry if now you won't be able to forget it either... but it was pretty funny. 

And last but not least: After 2 and a half months of being moved in, we are finally MOVED IN.  My mother in law helped us finish up our room and it's so nice to finally have everything in order. Ahhh. 
 (Please excuse the yellow bandanna on the dresser--I was too lazy to remove it and take another picture)
 My little monkies think the rocking chair is pretty great.  Thanks for sharing it with us Aunt Trish. 

Now that you're all caught up on pictures hopefully the next set will have a bouncing baby boy in them.  Another long night last night with 3 hours of contractions and then nothing.  Tomorrow is Sean's birthday and his sister, Tiffany has her money that wee #3 is making his debut tomorrow.... looks like you might be owing me some money sister in law :)  A lot can happen in 24 hours I guess.  

But I do also accept gifts in place of cash--Just FYI. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Contemplating Today

Feeling a bit contemplative today and glad it's raining so I don't have to feel guilty about bumming around in my PJs at 10:30 am (which let's face it- PJS are normal around here until early afternoon). 

Yesterday was a long and strange day for no reason in particular.  Just was.  

Then I got on Facebook before I went to bed and saw that a girl in Visalia was shot by her boyfriend- murder suicide.  I went to high school with her older brother and really she was just a grade below us and had connections to our circle of friends too.  Instantly my mind flashes to the Halloween party we went to at their house Junior or Senior year.  Grant singing Mack the Knife on Karaoke.  Playing in the strobe lights in the "graveyard".  

I didn't sleep well last night.  Kept thinking I was having contractions- which I might have been- hard to tell.  Nothing that gets things really going though ya know?  And then I was thinking about the girl's brother.  We aren't close friends.  More like acquaintances but "friends" on Facebook.  You know how that goes.  He said this morning (via FB)  "I keep expecting to see her walk through the door...Last night I heard her laugh.  I think that's God's way of saying she's up here with me and she's ok."  Just kind of guts me.  

Another friend is mourning the death of her grandfather.  Another dealing with the anniversary of loss of a child. For some reason, in this month of celebration, there seems to be a lot of loss and mourning too.  Strange.  To everything there is a season, I suppose.  

So what am I going to do today- probably phase two of nesting. Thinking. And cleaning.  (And sneaking in some reading.) Yesterday was phase 1- cooking.  I'm over THAT one today.  Cooking requires A LOT of clean up and sadly by the end of the day my feet were so swollen and back so achy that I left it to my dear hubby and father in law (and others who helped too- THANKS).  Which of course means PBnJ from here on out probably.  

To those who are currently suffering loss and heartache: My heart goes out to you.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Newest Summer Accessory

Well since I am a fashion guru I thought I'd let you in on a little secret but shhh! We don't want it to catch on too quickly or you end up just looking like you're trying to hard to fit in. 
This summer's hottest fashion (literally) is das boot.  

It comes in black so it goes with everything.  Wear it with socks or without (though you'll regret the smell later if you choose without).  You can dress it up with a flower or maybe some hot pink duct tape.  I like to compliment mine with a ginormous baby bump and waddle around. Turns out I slightly tore my calf muscle in my daring rescue efforts.  So I get to wear this beauty for up to two weeks.  The doctor said it is actually better if I could manage with a splint that puts my foot in a downward angle but that would mean crutches and with a 2 and 4 year old to chase that's kind of out of the question.  Things that are proving more difficult that I didn't have to think about before: grass (so uneven and grabby), inclines of any type, bending down to change a diaper, driving (luckily my inlaws have an automatic...I don't dare try with Nena), general foot space (this thing is HUGE!) and walking in pretty much any direction.  I am so not used to it and feel rather ridiculous.  So that's the update.  No contractions either so it looks like the next few weeks are bound to be interesting.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SuperMom to the rescue....OUCH!

So there I was minding my own business, chattin' with the fam when what should fall out of the sky down the stairs?  It's a bird... It's a plane... It's..... LANDON! The two year old tumbled feet over head and head over feet I don't know how many times.  Enough to scare the bejeebers outta me.  My sister-in-law remarks that she's never seen a pregnant lady move that fast.  Yeah.  Me either. Caught him just before he hit the tile at the bottom. Phew! Crisis averted.  He didn't even manage a scratch- mostly scared him I think.  He was more upset about dropping his train.  When Grandma found the little red freight train and returned it the waterworks ended.  At least on his part.

You see, I'm so agile and mobile at this stage of the pregnancy.  37 weeks- farthest that I've made it in my 3 pregnancies.  Well in my lightspeed movement to snatch the kiddo before he smacked the bottom and REALLY shook things up for tonight I got a Charlie Horse, a leg cramp if you prefer.   And holy hannah it's a doozy! Dare say it's the worst I've had since swim team in high school--perhaps worst ever even.  I fear something might actually be torn.  So I've been stretching it and trying to walk on it.  Then I got online and looked up what you should do for a torn calf muscle.  Ice it- preferrably in the first ten minutes.  Stay off of it and for heaven's sake DON'T STRETCH IT.  Dang.  Missed the memo on that one.  It's wrapped up at the moment and when the boys are finally in bed and Daddy has a spare moment I'll have him get me the peas from the freezer.  Until then- "I got you babe. duh duh duh duh duh duh. I got you babe."

 Perhaps I'll figure out how to get that magic pinterest favorite button thingie on my laptop.  I have it on the desktop but alas- I don't know how to find it past the initial tutorial  Anyone have tips? I have Chrome browser and so far googling it hasn't helped.

I'll let you know if all this adrenaline and excitement puts me into labor.  So far- we've got no real contractions or anything so I think we're ok for a bit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Survey

If I could say one thing to myself twenty years ago....
Always make time to play.  I don't think I play enough these days. 

My favorite place in the world....
home- more specifically probably my bed.  

The Lesson I keep learning over and over....
Trust my gut.  I have pretty good instincts and a tendency to second guess every one of them. 

The movie I watch when I want to laugh...
10th Kingdom with Sean is what comes to mind first.  Most 
funny movies are even funnier when Sean's around.

The most scared I have ever been....
Sliding off the dirt road with just my 14 month old in the truck with me.  It was October and a fall storm was coming in.  We didn't have anything on us- I don't even know if I had a spare diaper.   Hiked down the mountain to some cabins.  Bishop Bulloch rescued us.  I hate the feeling of the tires slipping even now.  Makes my stomach drop. There have been a few other hair-raising moments but this one comes to mind first.

No one knows I....
....I don't know.

Unhealthiest thing I've ever passed off as dinner....
Hm- not my strong suit.  Ice cream? 

Personal Philosophy...
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Book that changed my life...
The New Testament

I unwind by...
blog hopping, watching movies, reading, candle-lit bubble baths

What keeps me up at night....
worries, checklists, back pain at the moment too- though thankfully not heartburn anymore. 

I define "downtime" as...
Time to myself

Guiltiest Pleasure...
reading in bed all day, yummy foods

My mom was right about...
more than I realized

My mom was wrong about...
I don't know- I have forgotten most of those.

The last time I lost my temper was...
Yesterday or Monday- don't remember which. Tired me. Wits end. Tired boys.  Bad combo. 

My favorite moment of the day...
Morning snuggles

I wish I had more time for...

I always make time for...

I'm currently reading...
Rebekah by Orson Scott Card

Home means...
Love, Comfort, Security

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hormonal imbalance or just Rude?

I could easily become addicted.

Found this blog recently and love it. While I may not agree on all her points- I certainly feel it triggers thoughts and gets the rusty cogs turning in my brain.  THAT I love.  I like people that make me think.

I also like a little wit and sarcasm.  And a touch of snarkyness thrown in doesn't hurt.

I blame the hormones.

At least I hope it's the hormones, but I feel a bit snarky and rude lately and not near as remorseful about it as I should be.  I get this way sometimes.

My husband however may have gotten the brunt of it the other night and for that I AM sorry.  I may have accidently broken his toe- at the very least bruised it- by throwing a bucket of wheat on him- not on purpose- he was just there.  So what did I say?  Sorry- you were in the way.  Ugh. Rude. Sorry Babe.  Yes, the children were on the stairs yelling at me and yes, I was totally consumed with getting ice out of the freezer to satisfy my intense NEED for ice and yes, it had been a really long day.  But I still am sorry that I hurt you in the first place and then was rude about it afterward.

See folks? I'm not perfect.  I don't spend all day taking my kids to the pool and playing ball and eating popsicles and making PB&J in star-shaped sandwiches. (Which I am now craving a PBnJ in the shape of a star....or perhaps a tunafish sandwich on white bread with pickles and iceberg lettuce...dang)  Sometimes I throw containers of wheat and then blame my husband for having his feet in the way.  And I waste spend a lot of time reading other blogs when I could be doing something productive like putting away the LAST of the laundry.

But hey I posted today and *if* you're reading this then chances are you, too, are neglecting laundry or dishes or yardwork and now I don't feel so bad.  Thanks.

Now back to what I was supposed to be doing...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime...

Eat Banana Flavored Popsicles

I prefer the red ones- cherry maybe?

Take silly pictures. 

Kissy Face

"Droop Shot"

Play Catch with Daddy
(Also known as Get-Bonked-In-Da-Head-By-Da-Ball with Daddy.  Don't worry- he recovered.)

Fetch the ball and Drive Tonka trucks.
(This one is a classic- Antique even- 

it was Sean's as a kid.) Oh and apparently we don't wear pants at our house... I do- but my kids don't. 
 And of course when it's hot outside nothing beats a trip to the pool: 

I know this one is fuzzy but look at the joy on Landon's face. 

My little fishie

What you can't really see in this picture is Ian squirting Daddy with the squirt gun at the top of the play area. 

Time to warm up

This is before his hair cut. 

(After Hair Cuts) Two of my boys and a cousin.  So much fun. 

Let me clarify: The pictures are from different trips to the pool- I did NOT in fact cut the boys' hair AT the public pool...ew.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Currently...(baby edition)

I feel more like THIS:

And less like THIS:

I'm also starting to stress a little bit.  Life has been so crazy with packing and graduating and moving and getting a job and figuring out how to get settled that I feel like this whole baby thing is rapidly sneaking up on me.  I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday and delivered Landon on 36 weeks exactly with not much (if any) warning that I was in labor. My back has been driving me nuts lately and since I have back labor that makes me nervous.  I also slept well the other night (not last night though) and I usually only do that before I go into labor.  

Other things I'm stressing about currently: 
  • Hospital bag not packed.  Though living less than 2 miles from the hospital I feel slightly less concerned about this than last time.  
  • Sean works 45 minutes away.  WHAT IF...he can't get back in time...(though again with my tendency to be in the hospital ALL freaking day I think he should be able to make it)
  • Will kidlet #3 come early? 
  • Will he have to be in the NICU like Lando was? 
  • Will I get to hold him?
  • Can I ever lose the baby weight? (At this point less of a concern- but real just the same-and no I'm not asking for advice on HOW)
  • Will his brothers be understanding? 
  • Can I handle 3?
  • What about our car? 
  • Will I struggle with Postpartum Depression again? Cause that really sucks. 
  • Where is my insurance card? Dang. Switching rooms a week ago messed up what little of a system I had for things.  
  • Is this Midwife thing really going to work out?
Well now that you know what's going on in my little (somewhat fried) brain-  here's to today: Cheers! Now it's time to tackle some of my room.  But I will have you know- we DO have wee #3's carseat and it does (kinda) fit in our car, and we have a pack of diapers and the clothes are washed and folded as are the receiving blankets and the bassinet is all set up and ready to go and I have a pile of things that will go into the hospital bag (well at least a list).  So I'm not TOTALLY unprepared.  Now, if we could only come up with a name....

And there will be a 4th of July post someday... soon... I think.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My brother in law just got home from Afghanistan! Thanks for all you do! Glad you're home :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a little teaser...

Until I can get around to ACTUALLY blogging. 
Roasted Corn

Self Portraits

Ghost Chickens in the Sky

Looking for more Popcorn

We had a wonderful 4th.  
After these messages we'll be riiiiight back! 
Now back to your regularly scheduled blog-hopping.