Friday, June 3, 2011

Ya gonna go to school Dad?

And now for:  A look back. 

Apparently Landon doesn't want to look back.  He'd rather look forward.  In a minute kiddo. For now, bear with me. 
The proud parentals.
Thank you so much for instilling a love of learning and hard work into Sean's life.  

The fam-damily that came to watch him graduate.  Thanks for coming! Ian and Landon are not pictured here because they were either asleep or grumpy.  Sean has been through 5 graduations and some of these folks attended them all. Seminary, High School, Basic Training (or was it AIT?), Bachelor's Degree and now a Master's.  Crazy! 
 I'm so proud of you babe for working so hard! 

Hooray for the Class of 2011!

Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: No, I graduated.
Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: NO, I graduated.
Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: NO, I GRADUATED!


  1. I bet that is pretty weird and a big relief. that there is no more going to school. :)

  2. Yeah- this will be the only year since 1988-ish that there will be nobody in school this fall. Ian will be in kindergarten next year. Kinda crazy!

  3. Hooray for Sean! I can't wait to celebrate that day with Matt. It must be wonderful to have a husband that comes home from work and doesn't have homework. I cannot wait for that day to come. Congratulations!

  4. It takes a village! To raise a child. And see him through graduate school. You guys belong to a pretty great village. When Ian and Lando and "Paul McCartney" become college age you can tell them it's easy. They already did it once with Dad when they were babies. And the village will rally around them just as it rallied around their dad.

  5. So... I have nothing spectacular to say about graduation or raising children or anything, except CONGRATS!! Again. AND that picture of Lando is hilarious.