Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wee little Piggies...

Pioneer Woman says to write my blog like I'm talking to my sister.

Well in that case:

Sister Girl- we totally should try THIS for 4th of July.

Oh and I painted my toenails today.

Dayglow Yellow.


 No I know- NOT the greatest paint job.  I'm more of a be-messy-and-let-the-excess-come-off-after-my-next-shower kind of girl. And in my defense- I can hardly reach my toes as it is.  And then the boy children took off their socks and requested "too".  Ian is a little sad his aren't as bright as mine are but that's because I didn't do a white layer under theirs.  Did anyone else paint their nails with White Out and Highlighter Markers in high school?  I totally did and I'm kind of excited that the yellow is the same color as the Highlighters.  I like to think it is so bright it almost makes my feet look tan.  Now if I could figure out a strategy for the rest of my body I'd be set.  I'm thinking lighting bolts. All over.  A bit much?  Probably- but it's safer than tanning right? Or orange-streaked self tanning lotion.


  1. Mag. We must be sisters. I JUST finished painting my nails like that. Not red, white, and blue, but still the marbley thing. (And maybe I was doing something wrong, but it's NOT as easy as it looks. The paint gets filmy really fast and the toothpick wouldn't just drag thru the polish like that.)I guess great minds really do think alike. Or at least use the same websites.

    Love the yellow toes. Nothing says summer like bright toes.

  2. Reminds me how much my feet are in need of a pedicure. :) Looks great! Amanda

  3. I would say wear really bright colors, but ya know they can always backfire and you can just end up looking like you were transported way out of the 80's (Good Times!) As for me i have decided Skin Cancer be hanged and I WILL have a lovely tan this summer.

  4. Oh, I LOVE the day glow yellow. Well done! My tootsies are a blinding shade of fluorescent pink right now and it makes my feet look really tan.

    And please--learn from your blog-friend Elise's mistakes. Resist the urge to tanning lotion yourself. Although I have to admit it's a lot more appealing than, say, malignant melanoma. TAWNY. ;)