Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organized Chaos

So we've been working on organizing things around these here parts.  
Here's our closet:
 It's about as wide as a big suitcase and has to work for both me and Sean.  Do I smell a challenge? So I went to Organize.com and purchased some hangers that help expand the possibilities for this small space. These little do-hickeys allow multiple hangers to fit in the space of less.  6 hangars in the space of 2 or 3:
 It makes it to where before we could only fit some things- now I can fit all of my regular shirts (my Maternity wardrobe is slightly more limited than my regular wardrobe which helps) and pants and Church clothes- and Sean can fit work clothes and play clothes and church clothes.  And shoes.  I'm happy that now things are a little more organized and not so much on the floor.  (Those are the boys' clothes that I don't know how they ended up in OUR room).  But I digress... Progress has been made and I think it was worth it.  

And now for something totally different:

I caught a clip of Studio 5 this morning and it inspired me to play around with my hair a bit.  I'm growing it out (despite my urge to go chop it off) because I like to be able to try things like this.  I wasn't sure if it was really long enough but voila! It was. My little sister always does crazy cool things with her hair and in my efforts to be more like her I give you this: (And please ignore my crappy photography skillz---I don't know how to take pictures of myself and the mirror throws me off.) 

And last but not least a small ode to my hubbie: 
Super cool
Even sporting socks and sandals
All the while playing the part of my knight in shining armor
N is for the White and Nerdy side that comes with your brilliance.  Oh and have I mentioned 

(Can you tell I am NOT a poet and didn't major in Poetry? To each their own.)
Happy belated Father's Day babe. The front is a coin counting jar and the back is a charging station which looks cooler with all his gagillion gadgets plugged in.  (But he wasn't home so I had to make do with this shot.)

As our good friend Tigger would say: TTFN!


  1. Super cute hair Sis! DO NOT CHOP IT. And I love the flower.

    Good job on the closet. Those are some fancy-schmancy little hangers. Wish I was motivated enough to fix my closet. But then again, I'm moving back out in a month and a half anyways. Not worth it. Love you.

  2. Love the hair and I love that hanger thing you got. I've always wondered if those things help. You've convinced me!

  3. 1. Does that mean my hair might be long enough to do something with? Interesting...

    2. Tell him to knock it off with the socks and sandals. :)

  4. You did that to your own personal hair?! Crimony. I TRIED to French braid my daughter's hair once and it was a catastrophe. There were tears, and not from my child. Apparently I am lacking in the fine motor skills slash hand/eye coordination departments.

    Nice job!

    P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a funny lady. :)

  5. Nice work taming closet chaos. You and Sis both have amazing hair skilz. Your use of "voila" brought a tear to my eye. Not the sad kind of tear, the proud kind of tear. I am a word snob and I cringe when some bloggers write "Waalah". But by far the highlight of this post is the Donny Osmond cameo in the White & Nerdy video. You knew I'd love that, didn't ya? Have I told you lately that YOU are one of my very favorite people?

  6. Mom just so you know- I almost did write WaLAA--just because I like to spell things fonehtikly sometimes. But then my book-learnin' side won out :)

    And thanks guys. Totally feelin' the love tonight. (Anyone else hearing Elton John in their head now?----just me. Ok.)