Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The one in which I learn my lesson...

About trying to sleep and allergies.  My allergies have been on full attack lately and it drives me batty.  Happens every year since I was a kid.  Some are worse than others. I've tried every medication under the sun for it.  Some work just fine- others knock me out- and others don't work at all.   I remember distinctly in 6th grade coming in from recess and getting a wet paper towel to put on my eyes.  It must have been after lunch recess because we always had reading time after lunch (and I think some of the kids slept).  This was also when we'd make glue balls--but I digress.  The teacher questioned why I was getting a wet paper towel and NOT reading.  So I told him it was for my eyes.  Allergies.  He understood.  Most people growing up in the Valley could empathize.  For some it's the Walnuts, for others the cotton, and others the pollen from any number of blossoming things.  For me it's all of that.  And dust and sage brush I'm learning.  So here we are at last night.  I was tired.  My allergies decided to hit a one-two punch.  One eye- two eyes.  Knowing it was going to be another long night because numero Uno is sick I wanted to be able to get what little sleep I could between cries of "Mommy, my nose is stuhwy." So I thought I'd take a little Alavert.  It hadn't kept me hyped before.  Should have taken Benadryl.  I could NOT sleep.  I wasn't feeling buzzed- hyper like some meds have a tendency to do to me.  Just could not go to sleep.  My eyes didn't itch any more but my legs were getting jumpier and jumpier.  (They do this when I am tired- it's worse when I'm pregnant).  I think I finally fell asleep about 3 (which is about the time the medication wore off).

So now I know- don't take any allergy medicines before bed unless I KNOW they are going to knock me out completely.

On today's agenda I do believe there will be a NAP on the list.  Top priority- just not sure where it'll fit in.

What has summer brought YOU?

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  1. oh boy, I feel your pain, ever since I was little... I was that girl with the red eyes... not so fun in middle school. Benadryl makes me LOOPY and totally knocks me out too.. Gosh, maybe I should try some Alavert, but NOT at night.

    I am so sorry, Maggie, Zeke and I both have allergies and they are NOT fun. I use some allergy eye drops "Opcon A" I think? and they have an antihistamine in them and they help take the edge off without having to take a pill. you should try them, ((HUGS))