Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My brilliant list of things that won't get done today...



Evidently the kids were pretty hungry this morning.  Landon ate two maybe 3 pancakes before a smile returned to his face.  He's a much happier camper now. I just like the way he talks.  His brother used to take the first syllable, or some other part, of a word and double it.  Example: Granola Bar was "Nol Nol Bah" whereas #2 frequently takes the last syllable "Ah Bar".  Landon is getting better at communicating exactly what he wants and sometimes doesn't have to be pointing at it for it to make sense.  "Wih Me" means "come with me"- as in he wants to explain/show me something but cannot do it without the object.  It saves the frustration of mommy saying, "I have no clue what you're talking about kiddo." Cute kids.  Their saving grace.

Wanna know what's on my list today?

  • Shower (at some point)
  • Clean Kitchen- we've all been so pooped at the end of the needs some serious attention. 
  • Read my Book: Currently Book 1 of Hunger Games.  (Note to self: need to get a library card ASAP)
  • Bagillion loads of laundry- why do they sneak up on me? (really I'll probably do one maybe 2)
  • Think about cleaning up my room.
  • Get overwhelmed at the prospect.
  • Not bother. 
  • Get a Soda. 
  • Play with the squidlets.
  • Read Amelia Bedelia and explain that what she is doing is SILLY.  Ian doesn't get most of the jokes- except the potted plants.  He figured out that one on his own.  I think he's catching on.  I think I'll be Amelia Bedelia for Halloween.   
  • Fight Heartburn and it's evil sidekick: TUMS. (I loathe Tums...)
  • Sneak bites of PB Treats. 
  • Pretend I don't know where they all went. 
  • Look at my toes and think "I really SHOULD repaint them- or at least take off the ancient chipping polish..."
  • Probably not bother with that either. 
  • Oh yeah and my first Appointment down here.  There's a new midwife in town that I get to go see.  I'm excited. Hope all goes well.
  • At some point there will be gnashing and wailing as it is time to get ready for bed.  

That's about it.
All in a days work.
Or list.

I'll fill you in on how much ACTUALLY gets done :)

Onward and Upward folks. Onward and Upward.


  1. Theres a MIdwife!! do tell me all about it! and good luck with the to do list they are the bane and sanity of my existance..... some day I will really get the hang of them.

  2. For the record, I can totally hear Landon saying those things. I think his cuteness is something that lingers. Good luck on the list, and if not luck then enjoy still being alive at the end of the day!

  3. Sounds very close to my list, and most of mine never got done. Hope you did better than me. :) Amanda

  4. The way I see it Numma Two got his panpakes, you got soda and PB treats, and Numma One is learning about humor. So the essentials have been covered and the rest is all just details.

  5. It's spooky how similar our to-do lists are, even down to the chipping toenail polish. Want to know what else is spooky? I was going to write about my to-do list on my blog, but I never got to it. Now I don't have to because you did it for me. So thanks. I totally owe you one. :)