Wednesday, June 1, 2011



  • The boys are asleep. *Sigh of relief* I've been up (kinda) since 5:30 this morning which my body didn't appreciate today.  Headache is waning though.  
  • I am listening to Classical Baby CD that either my mom or I found at a thrift store.  I throughly enjoy how it relaxes me.  Clair de Lune is probably my favorite.  It also happens to be the first one so I don't have to skip any other songs to get to it.  Tertius loves track #4.  He went nutso just a bit ago when it came on (On the Beautiful Blue Danube).  
  • Tertius is what we jokingly call baby #3.  We cannot come up with a decent REAL name for him.  Tertius comes from the movie Stardust. I'll hit my 30 weeks mark tomorrow which means 10 or less to go.  Kind of freaking me out.  Washed the wee sized baby clothes yesterday.  Still so worried that he's going to come early and we'll be in Grand Junction for a week (or more).  So I'm trying to get stuff ready now- that way if I'm prepared he'll stay in until 40 weeks right??? First time around: not prepared what-so-ever. 3 weeks early.  Second time around: bag packed.  Not in the car though. 4 weeks early.  THIS time: hopefully bag packed and IN the car. We'll see I guess. I'm feeling HUGE so no- there will probably not be pictures of my ginormous belly on the blog. So don't ask. Also my hormones are so outta whack it's not funny.  No really.  I've been cranky for no real reason.  Poor Sean.  He is good to put up with me. 
  • Frustrated at lack of resources here in town.  I want to shop local and support local businesses.  And I'll be darned if I haven't tried.  Due to Ian's recent crazy growth spurt his feet have grown out of the shoes I thought would last him through the summer.  There is not a single pair of Boy/Toddler (I don't know what they call this awkward in-between phase) shoes sized 10 or 10 1/2 for sale in all of Blanding.  It's ridonkulous. And Sean needs more khaki's for work. Went to search for them and they don't carry his size.  So online it is I guess.  (Nearest shopping is 90 minutes away and that's only Walmart. Anything else is 2 hours.) I was warned about this phenomenon.  We'll adjust. Though it is a little maddening. 
  • Looking forward to paying off debt super fast.  We should have my school debt taken care of almost about the time that Sean's come due.  
  • We went to the community pool last night.  It is AWESOME! The kids had a blast but it was still a little chilly.  They even have slides in the kiddie pool and the boys thought that was sweet. I have to control my over-reacting when near large bodies of water with the kids.  Ian is getting better at testing what he can and cannot do on his own.  Landon will walk on the bottom only if he's holding a grownup's hand.  I don't mind.  I was 8 when my sister fell in our pool and have issue with little ones and water since then.  PS- She's fine: See
  • Kind of itching to go to Moab with all of the tourists.  Mmmm. And have some Zax Pizza.  So good.  I could probably convince Sean to go if I remind him of their on tap root beer.... not really in the "hurry and pay off debt" budget but maybe... 
  • Sad that I'm missing Book Club tonight but I hope the girls all have a blast without me.  And may they have a good waiter like Leviticus.  Sean and I talked it over and "Book Club" is mostly just code for "Girls Night Out"---I haven't finished the book- but will soon I promise.  I'm enjoying this one. This month is The Forgotten Garden.  You should check it out. 

That's it folks.  Wish I had more brilliance and bling to spice up my entries but woe is me- I do not.  Have a great Wednesday.  


  1. our defense...we DO still read. Just because we may not TALK about it during book club! We'll miss you like crazy and have a Sweetly Divine canoli in your honor. Or maybe it's just that I want two. I'll never tell... ;) Mwah!

  2. I don't know how Dr. Suess would feel about the Zax's being cooked up and put on pizzas...

    And I do love reading your blog. No bling necessary.

  3. I LOVE Stardust!! One of the rare instances where the movie is better than the book . . . kinda weird.

  4. When you first mentioned Tertius I thought, "I wonder if she's seen Sawdust." See? You know what they say about great minds. Great minds watch the same movies.

    Walmart is 90 minutes away?! Where do you go when you need to get really annoyed in a hurry?!

  5. check yard sales. also if you want to support local pharmacy may be able to get shoes in worth checking. love ya!

  6. Hormones outta whack with the 3rd pregnancy? I'm STILL using that excuse for being cranky 23 years after the fact! And your blog posts are just as brilliant and spicy as I like. Love you!

  7. Maggie!!! We miss you! And I'm with Lacey too, I LOVE Stardust!! :)

    oh man, I know when I visit my Mom in Salina, we can't find anything we need. Good Luck :)