Tuesday, June 28, 2011

copy cat

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery right?

So I am following Tawnya's idea and making a "to do" list for Summer.  

EOTS (Edge of the Seaters) Melodrama
Best 4th of July Fireworks ever
Parade (watch- not be in)
Netflix movies on the Wii
Make it to 36 weeks (and beyond?) 
Have baby
Come up with name for said child
Sleep before and after baby is born
Party for Sean's Golden Birthday
Plan Ian's Birthday Party (he's already given me a lot of suggestions)
Park Days
Pool Days (and pool Dates which are even better--no worrying about kids drowning)
Zax Pizza in Moab after kidlet is born
Family Reunion Campout in September to finish off the summer
Roasting parties over the firepit in the backyard (need to get starbursts...)
Flip Flops
Swim suit days instead of regular clothes
Soda or Ice Water Runs (depending on my mood)

Ok well that's really probably about it.  Hm.  Not very exciting.  Looks somewhat exhausting.  Though the first 3 will be checked off this weekend.  


  1. Yes, but sounds WAY more doable than mine!

  2. I wonder if I could have the same list...I've not done a few of them, so it'd be fun. So, take out the baby part (please...I don't need to be 36 in the next 2 months, right...and no I'm not prego. Just trying to make a joke. It may have not worked.)