Tuesday, June 28, 2011

copy cat

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery right?

So I am following Tawnya's idea and making a "to do" list for Summer.  

EOTS (Edge of the Seaters) Melodrama
Best 4th of July Fireworks ever
Parade (watch- not be in)
Netflix movies on the Wii
Make it to 36 weeks (and beyond?) 
Have baby
Come up with name for said child
Sleep before and after baby is born
Party for Sean's Golden Birthday
Plan Ian's Birthday Party (he's already given me a lot of suggestions)
Park Days
Pool Days (and pool Dates which are even better--no worrying about kids drowning)
Zax Pizza in Moab after kidlet is born
Family Reunion Campout in September to finish off the summer
Roasting parties over the firepit in the backyard (need to get starbursts...)
Flip Flops
Swim suit days instead of regular clothes
Soda or Ice Water Runs (depending on my mood)

Ok well that's really probably about it.  Hm.  Not very exciting.  Looks somewhat exhausting.  Though the first 3 will be checked off this weekend.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I woke up this morning from a dream and immediately thought of this scene;
 the final scene from The Wizard of OZ.  
You can watch it HERE.  Or the M&M's version....
All my dear friends were there.  You and you and you.... 
there was talk of babies and books and politics (Oh My!) 
Lovely food and laughter.  
It certainly felt like HOME. 

To the lovely ladies of the book club: Dorothy said it best, "Oh, but it wasn't a dream! It was a place! And you - and you - and you - and you were there. But you couldn't have been, could you?"
"There's no place like home."
You are all loved and missed. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organized Chaos

So we've been working on organizing things around these here parts.  
Here's our closet:
 It's about as wide as a big suitcase and has to work for both me and Sean.  Do I smell a challenge? So I went to Organize.com and purchased some hangers that help expand the possibilities for this small space. These little do-hickeys allow multiple hangers to fit in the space of less.  6 hangars in the space of 2 or 3:
 It makes it to where before we could only fit some things- now I can fit all of my regular shirts (my Maternity wardrobe is slightly more limited than my regular wardrobe which helps) and pants and Church clothes- and Sean can fit work clothes and play clothes and church clothes.  And shoes.  I'm happy that now things are a little more organized and not so much on the floor.  (Those are the boys' clothes that I don't know how they ended up in OUR room).  But I digress... Progress has been made and I think it was worth it.  

And now for something totally different:

I caught a clip of Studio 5 this morning and it inspired me to play around with my hair a bit.  I'm growing it out (despite my urge to go chop it off) because I like to be able to try things like this.  I wasn't sure if it was really long enough but voila! It was. My little sister always does crazy cool things with her hair and in my efforts to be more like her I give you this: (And please ignore my crappy photography skillz---I don't know how to take pictures of myself and the mirror throws me off.) 

And last but not least a small ode to my hubbie: 
Super cool
Even sporting socks and sandals
All the while playing the part of my knight in shining armor
N is for the White and Nerdy side that comes with your brilliance.  Oh and have I mentioned 

(Can you tell I am NOT a poet and didn't major in Poetry? To each their own.)
Happy belated Father's Day babe. The front is a coin counting jar and the back is a charging station which looks cooler with all his gagillion gadgets plugged in.  (But he wasn't home so I had to make do with this shot.)

As our good friend Tigger would say: TTFN!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wee little Piggies...

Pioneer Woman says to write my blog like I'm talking to my sister.

Well in that case:

Sister Girl- we totally should try THIS for 4th of July.

Oh and I painted my toenails today.

Dayglow Yellow.


 No I know- NOT the greatest paint job.  I'm more of a be-messy-and-let-the-excess-come-off-after-my-next-shower kind of girl. And in my defense- I can hardly reach my toes as it is.  And then the boy children took off their socks and requested "too".  Ian is a little sad his aren't as bright as mine are but that's because I didn't do a white layer under theirs.  Did anyone else paint their nails with White Out and Highlighter Markers in high school?  I totally did and I'm kind of excited that the yellow is the same color as the Highlighters.  I like to think it is so bright it almost makes my feet look tan.  Now if I could figure out a strategy for the rest of my body I'd be set.  I'm thinking lighting bolts. All over.  A bit much?  Probably- but it's safer than tanning right? Or orange-streaked self tanning lotion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

AKA: Little Suzy Homemaker

Little Suzy Homemaker decided to make muffins this morning. This is what I did:

Take One of these:
 Add one of these: 
 Some of this (15 oz. or so-which is 1/2 a big can):
And finally 1/2-whole bag of these:
(Chocolate Chips: mine were Western Family Milk Chocolate and I used about 2/3 of the bag)

Spray cupcake/muffin tin (or line with paper cups).
Bake at 350* for 20 minutes. 

Pour cold glass of milk and enjoy. 

Not quite the chocolate Costco Muffins (my own personal brand of heroin) (if you watch the clip imagine me saying this to a chocolate Costco Muffin-cheesy and a bit hilarious) but pretty darn good. 

I also like to pretend they're kinda healthy because they have pumpkin in them.  That's got to be good for you right?

(My 4 year old said this morning, "I don't want anymore because you put too much chocolate in it."  I'm pretty sure my kid has been abducted by aliens sometime in the night.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The one in which I learn my lesson...

About trying to sleep and allergies.  My allergies have been on full attack lately and it drives me batty.  Happens every year since I was a kid.  Some are worse than others. I've tried every medication under the sun for it.  Some work just fine- others knock me out- and others don't work at all.   I remember distinctly in 6th grade coming in from recess and getting a wet paper towel to put on my eyes.  It must have been after lunch recess because we always had reading time after lunch (and I think some of the kids slept).  This was also when we'd make glue balls--but I digress.  The teacher questioned why I was getting a wet paper towel and NOT reading.  So I told him it was for my eyes.  Allergies.  He understood.  Most people growing up in the Valley could empathize.  For some it's the Walnuts, for others the cotton, and others the pollen from any number of blossoming things.  For me it's all of that.  And dust and sage brush I'm learning.  So here we are at last night.  I was tired.  My allergies decided to hit a one-two punch.  One eye- two eyes.  Knowing it was going to be another long night because numero Uno is sick I wanted to be able to get what little sleep I could between cries of "Mommy, my nose is stuhwy." So I thought I'd take a little Alavert.  It hadn't kept me hyped before.  Should have taken Benadryl.  I could NOT sleep.  I wasn't feeling buzzed- hyper like some meds have a tendency to do to me.  Just could not go to sleep.  My eyes didn't itch any more but my legs were getting jumpier and jumpier.  (They do this when I am tired- it's worse when I'm pregnant).  I think I finally fell asleep about 3 (which is about the time the medication wore off).

So now I know- don't take any allergy medicines before bed unless I KNOW they are going to knock me out completely.

On today's agenda I do believe there will be a NAP on the list.  Top priority- just not sure where it'll fit in.

What has summer brought YOU?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wanna know how I did?

SO how did I do on my list from yesterday?...

  • Shower (at some point)---I did in fact shower- at which point the boys thought it would be a good idea to escape.  Luckily Aunt Nikki and Uncle Tyler caught them. THANKS GUYS! 
  • Clean Kitchen- we've all been so pooped at the end of the day...it needs some serious attention. -- I managed to get the dishes done and wipe the counters.  Took out a load of garbage that almost did me in at the end of the day. 
  • Read my Book: Currently Book 1 of Hunger Games.  (Note to self: need to get a library card ASAP)-- Seriously loving this book.  I just finished section one of book one so I'm not moving very quickly but I've been busy with other things. (See below)
  • Bagillion loads of laundry- why do they sneak up on me? (really I'll probably do one maybe 2) Only managed 2 loads (my guess was correct) but they are 99 percent put away- which doesn't usually happen. On load 1 for today after a night of "I wet my bed" again and again. Load two will be appearing shortly. 
  • Think about cleaning up my room. Thought about it. 
  • Get overwhelmed at the prospect. Got more than a little overwhelmed.  But now the piles of DIRTY clothes are gone just one load and that silly 1 percent to get taken care of (see I told you I've been too busy to read...)
  • Not bother. I didn't. 
  • Get a Soda. 12 pack of vanilla Coke this go around. Did you know that beer was originally packaged in 6 packs because that's all a woman was supposed to be able to carry...? According to a game we played the other night (not a drinking game- who do you think I am anyway?) it's true. I'm not known for my fact checking skills....
  • Play with the squidlets. We read lots and lots of books. 
  • Read Amelia Bedelia and explain that what she is doing is SILLY.  Ian doesn't get most of the jokes- except the potted plants.  He figured out that one on his own.  I think he's catching on.  I think I'll be Amelia Bedelia for Halloween.   Didn't actually read this one yesterday nor did squidlet numma 1 take a nap (which is when we usually read it).
  • Fight Heartburn and it's evil sidekick: TUMS. (I loathe Tums...) The power of Maifestation: Around lunch time I noted on Facebook that I was craving heartburn inducing Mexican food.  Not 20 minutes later my mother in law comes home for lunch and brought what? BURRITOS for lunch! Pretty good and definitely heartburn inducing.  There's still half of mine in the fridge because I couldn't get through it. It was awesome. 
  • Sneak bites of PB Treats.  Who me?
  • Pretend I don't know where they all went. I DID share.... 
  • Look at my toes and think "I really SHOULD repaint them- or at least take off the ancient chipping polish..."  Thought that as I typed it. 
  • Probably not bother with that either. Didn't bother- thought I did clip my cuticles which were out of control.  Step in the right direction though the purple chipping polish is still there in all its non-glory. 
  • Oh yeah and my first Appointment down here.  There's a new midwife in town that I get to go see.  I'm excited. Hope all goes well. Appointment went well.  I REALLY like this new midwife,  I feel comfortable with her and trust that she knows what she's doing.  We may even get to be her first birth down here.  (She's been in Alaska and Happy Valley previously).  She kind of reminds me of my grandma too (only perhaps less cranky). 
  • At some point there will be gnashing and wailing as it is time to get ready for bed.  To be honest I don't remember much about that time of night.  Sean was lovely and got the kids bathed and ready for bed and then spanked them all soundly and sent them to bed.  (Joking- he didn't spank) I was pretty tired by the time we called it a night.  

So there you have it folks.  I did most of what I said I would do.  (And not much more).  I'd say that makes my list pretty realistic.  Look Elise- I totally got 2 blogs out of one list--sweet. Love a double whammy. 

Here's to today: Cheers!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My brilliant list of things that won't get done today...



Evidently the kids were pretty hungry this morning.  Landon ate two maybe 3 pancakes before a smile returned to his face.  He's a much happier camper now. I just like the way he talks.  His brother used to take the first syllable, or some other part, of a word and double it.  Example: Granola Bar was "Nol Nol Bah" whereas #2 frequently takes the last syllable "Ah Bar".  Landon is getting better at communicating exactly what he wants and sometimes doesn't have to be pointing at it for it to make sense.  "Wih Me" means "come with me"- as in he wants to explain/show me something but cannot do it without the object.  It saves the frustration of mommy saying, "I have no clue what you're talking about kiddo." Cute kids.  Their saving grace.

Wanna know what's on my list today?

  • Shower (at some point)
  • Clean Kitchen- we've all been so pooped at the end of the day...it needs some serious attention. 
  • Read my Book: Currently Book 1 of Hunger Games.  (Note to self: need to get a library card ASAP)
  • Bagillion loads of laundry- why do they sneak up on me? (really I'll probably do one maybe 2)
  • Think about cleaning up my room.
  • Get overwhelmed at the prospect.
  • Not bother. 
  • Get a Soda. 
  • Play with the squidlets.
  • Read Amelia Bedelia and explain that what she is doing is SILLY.  Ian doesn't get most of the jokes- except the potted plants.  He figured out that one on his own.  I think he's catching on.  I think I'll be Amelia Bedelia for Halloween.   
  • Fight Heartburn and it's evil sidekick: TUMS. (I loathe Tums...)
  • Sneak bites of PB Treats. 
  • Pretend I don't know where they all went. 
  • Look at my toes and think "I really SHOULD repaint them- or at least take off the ancient chipping polish..."
  • Probably not bother with that either. 
  • Oh yeah and my first Appointment down here.  There's a new midwife in town that I get to go see.  I'm excited. Hope all goes well.
  • At some point there will be gnashing and wailing as it is time to get ready for bed.  

That's about it.
All in a days work.
Or list.

I'll fill you in on how much ACTUALLY gets done :)

Onward and Upward folks. Onward and Upward.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Practice Trumpet Every Day

Ian has requested this song EVERY morning.

Not bad. And he is learning the days of the week.
And what "detest" means.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ya gonna go to school Dad?

And now for:  A look back. 

Apparently Landon doesn't want to look back.  He'd rather look forward.  In a minute kiddo. For now, bear with me. 
The proud parentals.
Thank you so much for instilling a love of learning and hard work into Sean's life.  

The fam-damily that came to watch him graduate.  Thanks for coming! Ian and Landon are not pictured here because they were either asleep or grumpy.  Sean has been through 5 graduations and some of these folks attended them all. Seminary, High School, Basic Training (or was it AIT?), Bachelor's Degree and now a Master's.  Crazy! 
 I'm so proud of you babe for working so hard! 

Hooray for the Class of 2011!

Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: No, I graduated.
Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: NO, I graduated.
Kid: Ya gonna go to school Dad?
Bill Cosby: NO, I GRADUATED!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



  • The boys are asleep. *Sigh of relief* I've been up (kinda) since 5:30 this morning which my body didn't appreciate today.  Headache is waning though.  
  • I am listening to Classical Baby CD that either my mom or I found at a thrift store.  I throughly enjoy how it relaxes me.  Clair de Lune is probably my favorite.  It also happens to be the first one so I don't have to skip any other songs to get to it.  Tertius loves track #4.  He went nutso just a bit ago when it came on (On the Beautiful Blue Danube).  
  • Tertius is what we jokingly call baby #3.  We cannot come up with a decent REAL name for him.  Tertius comes from the movie Stardust. I'll hit my 30 weeks mark tomorrow which means 10 or less to go.  Kind of freaking me out.  Washed the wee sized baby clothes yesterday.  Still so worried that he's going to come early and we'll be in Grand Junction for a week (or more).  So I'm trying to get stuff ready now- that way if I'm prepared he'll stay in until 40 weeks right??? First time around: not prepared what-so-ever. 3 weeks early.  Second time around: bag packed.  Not in the car though. 4 weeks early.  THIS time: hopefully bag packed and IN the car. We'll see I guess. I'm feeling HUGE so no- there will probably not be pictures of my ginormous belly on the blog. So don't ask. Also my hormones are so outta whack it's not funny.  No really.  I've been cranky for no real reason.  Poor Sean.  He is good to put up with me. 
  • Frustrated at lack of resources here in town.  I want to shop local and support local businesses.  And I'll be darned if I haven't tried.  Due to Ian's recent crazy growth spurt his feet have grown out of the shoes I thought would last him through the summer.  There is not a single pair of Boy/Toddler (I don't know what they call this awkward in-between phase) shoes sized 10 or 10 1/2 for sale in all of Blanding.  It's ridonkulous. And Sean needs more khaki's for work. Went to search for them and they don't carry his size.  So online it is I guess.  (Nearest shopping is 90 minutes away and that's only Walmart. Anything else is 2 hours.) I was warned about this phenomenon.  We'll adjust. Though it is a little maddening. 
  • Looking forward to paying off debt super fast.  We should have my school debt taken care of almost about the time that Sean's come due.  
  • We went to the community pool last night.  It is AWESOME! The kids had a blast but it was still a little chilly.  They even have slides in the kiddie pool and the boys thought that was sweet. I have to control my over-reacting when near large bodies of water with the kids.  Ian is getting better at testing what he can and cannot do on his own.  Landon will walk on the bottom only if he's holding a grownup's hand.  I don't mind.  I was 8 when my sister fell in our pool and have issue with little ones and water since then.  PS- She's fine: See
  • Kind of itching to go to Moab with all of the tourists.  Mmmm. And have some Zax Pizza.  So good.  I could probably convince Sean to go if I remind him of their on tap root beer.... not really in the "hurry and pay off debt" budget but maybe... 
  • Sad that I'm missing Book Club tonight but I hope the girls all have a blast without me.  And may they have a good waiter like Leviticus.  Sean and I talked it over and "Book Club" is mostly just code for "Girls Night Out"---I haven't finished the book- but will soon I promise.  I'm enjoying this one. This month is The Forgotten Garden.  You should check it out. 

That's it folks.  Wish I had more brilliance and bling to spice up my entries but woe is me- I do not.  Have a great Wednesday.