Tuesday, May 3, 2011



(That's a little throwback to my RBC friends)


  • Sean finished all the work for his Master's Degree.  We'll find out the grade soon- likely a sturdy B.  In his other class he got an A.  Graduation is on Friday- HOORAY! 
  • I did a buncha laundry along with the entire population of Logan it seems. At least the clothes are clean now and I got some quality time in with my book. 
  • The Landlord's son come by and tell us somebody wants to look at the place- when would be a good time. Uh May 15th? I did actually say that and I wasn't really kidding but he was talking to Sean so tomorrow it is.  Ye Haw. Someday I will have my own house with my own roof and my own yard.  Someday. Someday. Someday.  I am a little looking forward to Sean being able to point out the unique personality of the place (leaky toilet- back yard in name only-expensive utilities....) What really gets my goat is that the landlord plans on renting it RIGHT after we leave- which means there are no plans to fix/clean anything.  We've been here two years- the carpets at least should be cleaned.  Maybe I just had picky landlords in the past that required that sort of thing.  (We cleaned them ourselves a year ago when I just couldn't stand it anymore-should have done it sooner.)
  • Is just one week away from the beloved glucose test.  I am however looking forward to it being over.  
  • The boys each had their own box to play in.  I used to make motorhomes out of my boxes.  Ian made a skyscraper and Landon had... well a box. 
  • I can feel another chair trying to break on me as I type.  Guess the Walmart card table and chairs don't last long when used on a daily basis eh? Thus far we've had 2 where the back support has come clean off and two that are on the verge- like mine currently is.  Kinda weird. I plan on coming up with a super crafty solution for all of this at some point. 
  • Our sourdough starter went bad.  Well I don't know if it was TODAY that it went bad- but we checked it....and it was....well....NOT dead- but alive in a green and fuzzy kind of way.  We'll start fresh in Blanding. 
  • As I was driving home from the laundromat I spied my sister and her roommates taking pictures by the old skating rink...in the rain.  I honked and waved.  
  • When Sean came home early due to his final I got a lovely nap.  When I woke up I freaked out because I forgot Sean was home and thought I had left the boys to their own devices for 45 minutes... PHEW. They may have been left to their own devices for 45 minutes but at least there was a conscious adult around.  :) 
That's pretty much it for today. We're a day shy of 3 weeks from Lando's 2nd birthday.  Crazy how time flies. And how was YOUR day?


  1. Aw, crap . . . we're planning on getting a walmart card table and chairs . . . :-)

  2. so glad he's almost done :) Congrats!!