Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fathers & Sons "outing"

Tonight was the annual Fathers and Sons outing for our new ward.  So excited.
Ian has been talking about it ALL DAY.
"When is Daddy going to get home?"
"I want to go camping RIGHT NOW."
"Today we are going camping with Daddy and Lando and Drampuh and Uncle Tyloor."
And so on and so forth.  All Day.
But there wasn't dinner provided for them up there so we did our own BBQ with Dutch Oven Yummy Potatoes.  It was delish.
There were some projects around the house that needed to get done (aren't there always? My room is my own current project- and then maybe a blanket for this kiddo). So the boys, armed with power tools and sledge hammers, earned their keep.  Then decided to just camp in the back yard.  Win-Win really.
Hard manual labor that I don't want to do (and get to opt out of anyway) gets done (or started at least) and campfire and ice-cream from the local burger joint across the street are throughly enjoyed.  The boys get a night with Daddy sleeping under the stars and Mommy gets to watch chick flicks and stay up late with little to no worries. (I'm a worry wart- worries don't just POOF! and are gone.) AND Blog in the middle of the night.
And I can look out my window and see all  5 boys cozy in their sleeping bags.
AND I get to hog the bed as much as I want tonight.  (And the COVERS!)
Tee Hee Hee.
Tomorrow will be Bountiful Baskets, Laundry and probably more outside work thrown in.  I heard something about digging a hole...? Goodnight all.
Happy Fathers-N-Sons.


  1. yay i am glad the still camped out.

  2. I just love that the traditional outing didn't require lots of packing and traveling. Big Adventure in the Backyard -- that's the good stuff!