Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fathers & Sons "outing"

Tonight was the annual Fathers and Sons outing for our new ward.  So excited.
Ian has been talking about it ALL DAY.
"When is Daddy going to get home?"
"I want to go camping RIGHT NOW."
"Today we are going camping with Daddy and Lando and Drampuh and Uncle Tyloor."
And so on and so forth.  All Day.
But there wasn't dinner provided for them up there so we did our own BBQ with Dutch Oven Yummy Potatoes.  It was delish.
There were some projects around the house that needed to get done (aren't there always? My room is my own current project- and then maybe a blanket for this kiddo). So the boys, armed with power tools and sledge hammers, earned their keep.  Then decided to just camp in the back yard.  Win-Win really.
Hard manual labor that I don't want to do (and get to opt out of anyway) gets done (or started at least) and campfire and ice-cream from the local burger joint across the street are throughly enjoyed.  The boys get a night with Daddy sleeping under the stars and Mommy gets to watch chick flicks and stay up late with little to no worries. (I'm a worry wart- worries don't just POOF! and are gone.) AND Blog in the middle of the night.
And I can look out my window and see all  5 boys cozy in their sleeping bags.
AND I get to hog the bed as much as I want tonight.  (And the COVERS!)
Tee Hee Hee.
Tomorrow will be Bountiful Baskets, Laundry and probably more outside work thrown in.  I heard something about digging a hole...? Goodnight all.
Happy Fathers-N-Sons.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessings abound.

I'm baaaack!

Well sort of.  I still need to be quick about posting but I need to update you on our lives.

We moved.

We made it safe and sound.  No incident or even funny stories to report from that.  Sorry. We're mostly unpacked at this point.  Except for a few boxes in our room: namely my "Sewing essentials" box---not sure where to put it or if I should in fact unpack it at all.  The weather has been crazy- but I'm loving the wide open spaces here.  We even hiked Posey's Trail the other day.  It was loverly.

Today is Lando's Birthday! YAY! He's two now- but really I've been saying he and his brother and 2 and 4 respectively for a little while now.  Two years ago I was in Blanding on vacation and went into early labor.  I thought they'd send me home.  Turned out we spent 4 days in Grand Junction Colorado (after giving birth) where Lando was in the NICU.  LONGEST 4 DAYS OF MY LIFE.  Those Moms and grandmas and other loved ones who have done more time in the NICU have my respect.  He's happy and healthy (though prone to ear infections and allergic to cats just like me).

Sean just got a job! Starts on Wednesday.  Real job with benefits.  *sigh* We really are feeling so incredibly blessed.  We found out about the opportunity the week we were moving.  Sent in a resume.  Phone interview number one.  Would you be willing to relocate?  They didn't understand we were moving on purpose and were looking for a job to support that decision.  So then we moved. Phone interview number two. Lots of technical questions.  Sean wasn't feeling too great about it.  Called on references.  Face to face interview this morning. Job offer this afternoon.  So. Blessed. Things really are falling into place.  That's not to say it's all roses but right now it feels GREAT to have hard work pay off.

Last week we took the boys to Farm Days.  Kind of missed the good stuff but got to ride a 4wheeler around the farm instead- the perks of a small town I guess.  I have pictures I'll post later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Oh My Dear Blogosphere readers (I know at least my mom and little sister read this- hence the plural)

Sorry for neglecting you.
As it happens- life happens.  And around these here parts it means packing and graduating and cleaning (less of that though- mostly just packing).  We're in the home stretch. Moving on Saturday.  Crossing fingers and toes and eyes that all goes well.  I will do a Mother's Day part 2 post at a later date.  My dear sweet mama deserves a post of her own and I cannot do it justice with the limited brain power on which I am currently trying to function.  Breakdowns are a daily occurrence.  Despite getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF- we still have FAR too much.  But I'm at the "I-don't-care-throw-it-in-a-box" stage and Sean has been so good to keep us a bit more organized than that.

Today I had a fun test- the glucose test.  Drink a nasty lovely orange drink and draw blood in exactly an hour.  Silly vampires- why can't they just take it from my neck and be done with it? Plus once I'm a vampire wouldn't that make me impenetrable to needles?  I like that idea.  And I wasn't supposed to have anything sugary all day-- so what did I do as soon as it was over? ICE CREAM! We made our last stop (and first in Logan) for Cold Stone Ice Cream.  There is no Cold Stone in the booming metropolis we're moving to.  But that's ok.  We'll be right across the street from the local burger joint and they have yummy soft serve.  The doctor says I'm gaining weight perfectly with the pregnancy- and he's not worried about it- so I figure why change what I'm doing now? Bring on the icy creamy deliciousness .  (Though I may regret that after Wee #3 is born and have to lose "baby weight". Bah- that's another day. Beauty comes in all forms.)

Attended my last book club last week. I don't even really want to post about it.  It was lovely- though we were missing a few- and missing them a lot.  I may have to make an annual trip up here for a weekend bookclub getaway at some point.  Enough of that.

We look like drunkards.  Our house is floor to ceiling with alcohol boxes.  The liquor store always has the best boxes and they give them out for FREE (in Adam Sandler's voice)! It was a little awkward when I went in a few weeks ago with my pregnant belly.  The looks I got--boy were they relieved when I said I just wanted boxes.  Pretty funny though.  Made me think of the movie Baby Mama. "I knew something was up when I saw you beatin' yo' baby bump." Classy movie.  I laughed so hard I almost peed.  Must have been one of those need-a-laugh nights.

Well. I really need to get back to packing SOMETHING- though at this point I'm not sure what. Probably the Schnapps box.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mothers Day part 1

Everyone has one.
Not everyone knows theirs.
But everyone knows one.

I've been thinking about mothers a lot as we near the day we celebrate mothers and motherhood.  I've also been thinking of dear friends who have lost a child or have tried to have children and are trying so hard to find a way to bring children into their home. My heart aches for them.  I wonder how they manage to get out of bed on days like Mother's Day.  I would certainly struggle with the yearning and the loss.  I love them dearly.  I think of them often but don't mention it because I don't really know how to.

In Primary on Sunday we were practicing a song for Mother's Day.  Pretty typical really.  But it got to me.  I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check with the older kids.  Why? It wasn't because of their enthusiasm.  (They think I torture them sometimes by making them learn something new.)  No.  It was one boy.  He was sitting off by himself with his head in his hands.  I was feeling very sensitive to him on Sunday and explained to all of the kids that we don't always have our moms here with us but we can still honor them by thinking of them.  You see, his mom died a few years ago.  His dad has remarried.  He's been dealt a hard hand to play with his own physical ailments.  I know he misses his mom.  A lot.  I know when I'm physically ill there's something about my Mom that is comforting.  Now that's not to say his step-mom hasn't tried.  I don't know much about his relationship with her but I can see his pain of losing his mom is still tender.  He's also going to be coming up on a milestone in the next year- turning 12.  Milestones are hard when you miss someone.

My heart goes out to the mothers in waiting and the mothers in mourning and those who have lost their mother and those who silently bear their own cross with burdens too big to describe.  You are not forgotten.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



(That's a little throwback to my RBC friends)


  • Sean finished all the work for his Master's Degree.  We'll find out the grade soon- likely a sturdy B.  In his other class he got an A.  Graduation is on Friday- HOORAY! 
  • I did a buncha laundry along with the entire population of Logan it seems. At least the clothes are clean now and I got some quality time in with my book. 
  • The Landlord's son come by and tell us somebody wants to look at the place- when would be a good time. Uh May 15th? I did actually say that and I wasn't really kidding but he was talking to Sean so tomorrow it is.  Ye Haw. Someday I will have my own house with my own roof and my own yard.  Someday. Someday. Someday.  I am a little looking forward to Sean being able to point out the unique personality of the place (leaky toilet- back yard in name only-expensive utilities....) What really gets my goat is that the landlord plans on renting it RIGHT after we leave- which means there are no plans to fix/clean anything.  We've been here two years- the carpets at least should be cleaned.  Maybe I just had picky landlords in the past that required that sort of thing.  (We cleaned them ourselves a year ago when I just couldn't stand it anymore-should have done it sooner.)
  • Is just one week away from the beloved glucose test.  I am however looking forward to it being over.  
  • The boys each had their own box to play in.  I used to make motorhomes out of my boxes.  Ian made a skyscraper and Landon had... well a box. 
  • I can feel another chair trying to break on me as I type.  Guess the Walmart card table and chairs don't last long when used on a daily basis eh? Thus far we've had 2 where the back support has come clean off and two that are on the verge- like mine currently is.  Kinda weird. I plan on coming up with a super crafty solution for all of this at some point. 
  • Our sourdough starter went bad.  Well I don't know if it was TODAY that it went bad- but we checked it....and it was....well....NOT dead- but alive in a green and fuzzy kind of way.  We'll start fresh in Blanding. 
  • As I was driving home from the laundromat I spied my sister and her roommates taking pictures by the old skating the rain.  I honked and waved.  
  • When Sean came home early due to his final I got a lovely nap.  When I woke up I freaked out because I forgot Sean was home and thought I had left the boys to their own devices for 45 minutes... PHEW. They may have been left to their own devices for 45 minutes but at least there was a conscious adult around.  :) 
That's pretty much it for today. We're a day shy of 3 weeks from Lando's 2nd birthday.  Crazy how time flies. And how was YOUR day?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yard Sale Weirdos

So much of the weight that has been on me in recent months has lifted.  Piece by piece it was taken away by strangers and friends who came to our yard sale.  As far as furniture goes we only have our bed, the boys' beds, the kitchen table and my grandma's coffee table (and two folding tables but they hardly count because they fold up).  There is still a lot of stuff- bikes and luggage and camping gear and toys and whatnot- but I am amazed at how simplifying just the amount of furniture clutter clears the other clutter in my mind.  Thus far I like this simpler way of life.  Hope I can keep it in perspective for a while.

A yard sale is one quick way to find all the crazies that live near you.  (Disclaimer: I did NOT put "no early birds" in my ad---but given the dismal turn out for our last yard sale I thought it superfluous. I have learned my lesson folks.) On Thursday the weather was nice enough that the boys and I decided it was high time Nena got a little scrub down.  Having already checked the weather and knowing precipitaion in one form or another was due within 24 hours I knew it was a little silly to wash her.  But sometimes it makes you feel better to get dressed up even if only for a few hours.  And due to the lovely Spring the birds are out- and thus they leave their marks on our car- poor Nena was in dire need.  There we were minding our own business when a little black car pulls up in front of our house.  Not a big deal.  Being close to an intersection we have random people pull up in front of our house all the time to get better directions or answer a phone call or turn around. Rarely does anyone ever get out of their vehicle.  Enter crazy number one.  A lady who reminds me of a Madam-Sophia-palm-reader-with-crooked-lipstick gets out of the little black car and comes over.
"Are you selling couches?"
"How big are they?" To which I'm thinking I dunno lady, couch sized? Instead as I'm covered in suds and wielding a hose I politely reply, "I don't know.  They're just inside.  Take a look if you want." Mind you the love seat is covered in all sorts of things in my attempt to get ready for the upcoming sale. Then she goes on about what other things I'm selling.
"Any dressers?"
"Yes. Two of them."
"And how big are they?"
"One's tall the other shorter. One's painted white the other is wood colored. 5 drawer and 3 drawer."
"Can I see those?"
"Uh, no.  They're kind of hard to get to right now."
"Oh ok." She proceeds to tell me some story about her daughter but to be honest I wasn't listening much.  I just wanted to wash my car and move on with my day.  She had the info she was after. I thought she'd leave.  She did finally. We finished washing the car and went to the Zoo with Aunt Dani, Ari and Daddy. Grand time. No camera.
Return home- eat dinner- then there's a knock at the door.
It's the same lady. Different outfit. Fresh lipstick.
"Which dresser is the white one?"
Really? You drove over here to ask me that when you could just wait a few days and see it for yourself LIVE and in person.  
"The tall one."
"Oh." Some more about how her daughter has to work on Saturday and hope she can get over here and blah, blah, blah.  I'm heartless I'm sure.  The daughter probably really could use these things.  At this point I wanted the lady off my porch.  As politely as I could muster, I explained that I hope her daughter could stop by on Saturday but I'm not selling anything before then.  She left.
Not an hour later our landlord comes by- evidently he DID get my voicemail but chose to come over instead of calling. That's fine. He owns the place. Just a little tired of people I DIDN'T want to see coming over.
Then miracles of miracles a dear friend of mine showed up with this month's book club book.  (THANKS- I'm loving it so far) I cannot describe how happy I was to see her little red car with her and her hubbie in it. Friendly faces are a tender mercy.  Wish we could have visited more.  But that is life. So Thursday was jam packed.
Friday- Madam Lipstick drove by again- but didn't stop this time. Phew.
Saturday. It snowed in the morning- just frozen rain really.  But it was cold and dreary.  8:30 am- half an hour before the sale is scheduled to start.  2 cars are lined up outside our house waiting. Oh the waiting. I never knew we were so exciting.  An old man in a car with a trailer hooked up to it gets out and starts wandering the yard, presumably looking for the stuff.  Nothing in the back yard except chickens and dogs Mister and you can HAVE them for FREE. Turns out he was looking for camping gear or guns. Sorry. We're keeping those.
Anyway, there were numerous characters that came to the sale. Bought our stuff. Lightened our load. I am grateful.  And they gave me good blog material.
Now off to church.