Tuesday, April 5, 2011

O.M.H I need a pop!

Have you ever heard things like:
I usta could....
We might could use that....

I just heard Ian say:
"I might could need a tlashlight" (flashlight).

I'm hoping he grows out of it.
Just one of the little things that is strange to me about Utah. Or maybe it's a Southern Utah thing- I know I've heard it on both sides of the state in the southern part.

Anyone else heard strange things like that?

(PS- I have been known on occasion---very rare---to say "oh my heck" which is totally a Utah thing. Or maybe just a Mormon thing...hmm. Freaked me out though.)


  1. Huh. Misreading the title as "OMH I need to POOP" isn't a great thing. Just wanted to say, 'Oh, Maggie...that's not good to share!'!

  2. Tawnya- I just laughed so hard at that. I'll remember that when I feel the urge to blurt that to the blogosphere: Tawnya says that's a no no. Check. Book club 2 days and counting. I feel it'll be a good one. Hopefully we don't embarrass Katie :)

  3. Yeah. Keeping in mind it's her place of employment may do us some good!

  4. I've thought "Oh my heck" a couple times... I just pray it never actually comes out of my mouth.

  5. Tim says, "'To be', seems to get lost in southern Utah also. Such as, 'that need's to be picked up' is now 'that need's picked up'."

  6. Ha! You all won't embarrass me! You'll make my Sabor friends jealous that THEY don't have a fun group like us! I just hope you all enjoy Sabor! After being there so long (six...SIX!?! years), I feel a bit of loyalty/responsibility/accountability.

    I never heard the "we might could" until I had a roommate from Georgia!