Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Musings


Things on my mind on this snowy Friday.

  • Snow? Wow. Well ok. 
  • Clean Kitchen- phew. Now my back hurts. Oy. (PS the kitchen wasn't even that bad to begin with because I cleaned it yesterday- my back is just kinda wimpy)
  • "Shock me. Shock me. Shock me, with that deviant behavior." Empire Records. For some reason that quote is stuck in my head. 
  • SO enjoyed my food from Cafe Sabor last night.  Haven't had the best luck in the past.  I'm grateful I have nummy leftovers for lunch.  (Tequila Lime Chicken Pasta)
  • I think we killed the sourdough starter.  We'll see if we can revive it.  Dr. Frankenstein style. 
  • To all the people in government- aka "the powers that be"- y'all should learn how to get along and get one thing done at a time.  First priority- budget. Then you can go back to bickering and pushing through your earmarked agendas. And no- printing more money won't fix the problem.  
  • Sundays until Oma and Darryl come to visit: 2. So excited! Ian has been calling everyone he knows in my speed dial to tell them. We just told him he'll get to dye/color easter eggs when they come.  He's excited to get messy.  And take them to the Castle Park. Let's hope they bring the California Sunshine with them to dry up the moisture. 
  • Uber grateful Sean is home today.  So far we have been able to have breakfast together, he let me sleep in and saved me from Mt. St. Helen's Landon Edition.  Love him.  (LOVE YOU BABE!)
  • Want to go Thrift Store shopping.  Don't need to.  Don't need anything there.  But I love bargain hunting.  Maybe I should leave my money at home.
  • This August will the the first time we will have NOBODY in school. It may easily be the ONLY time in a LOOOOOONG time that we will have nobody in school. Crazy.  
  • I may actually learn how to make bread. For real- not just Rhodes Rolls (which I manage to botch every time too). Really Tawnya- if you're willing, I'm ready. 
  • Don't know what to do with all my craft closet stuff.  How/where to store it/use it. 

That is all.  


  1. K, so I know that you are going to be leaving this fair valley that reeks of snow soon. I also know that you have told your blog readers when this will happen. And you also know me. So... do you have a solid date yet? It's just so I can begin mourning at the appropriate time.

  2. Yes, when are you leaving? I purge it from my mind whenever it comes up...

    And, YES! I mean it. Let's pick a day and do it.

  3. hey if she doesn't i am willing to teach you too!

  4. HilArious movie. I die every time I watch it. I love Debra's buttons most of all. And what is with Jayne's eyeballs!?!

    I hate that you're leaving...

  5. I hate that you're moving too... But am sending well-wishes to Blanding!

    And...Tawnya, can I invite myself to the bread making? Domesticity, here I come!