Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and Such

I hate to do this to you again but pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I grab my sister's camera.  Our poor little camera has dead batteries again- which is really frustrating because we JUST charged the batteries-- looks like it's time for some new ones (batteries not camera).

We had a lovely time with Oma and her Mr. Last this past week and were sad to see them go.  We had a 50th party at the "Castle Park" where we were blasted by chilly bursts of good ol' Cache Valley cold.  The boys LOVED it though.  They didn't really care that it was cold.  Packed a few boxes. Realized, yet again, that we have far too much stuff- but I'm struggling with parting with some of it.  Packing is slow going.  Evidently it takes a LOT more out of me than I thought it would.  Wee number 3 is growing steadily and zaps all energy I might have had otherwise.  I do believe he doubled in size this last weekend. Oma was kind enough to post as soon as she got home.  Check it out HERE.

Saturday we spent at Baby Animal Days.  (This is where a camera would have come in handy---good thing sister girl brought hers).  Wee number 3 was sleepy all day and I didn't feel him move much.  He was really just growing like crazy and saving it up for Easter.  Holy Smokes- this kid now have STRONG arms and legs and must have realized he's trapped in a bubble because he tries to poke and prod his way out all the time.  OUCH! Boy children numbers 1 & 2 had a grand time.  Ian thought the train was there just for him. He agreed to ride the pony this go around (last time he was littler and too scared of the furry beasts).  His comment afterwards, "That was BUMPY!" We saw baby pygmy goats, lambs, piglets, ducklings, chickens, turtles , bunnies and calves- who scared the snot out of poor little Landon- the creature was hungry and tried to eat his and Daddy's pants. Royally freaked out Lando.  The boys behaved wonderfully given we went BEFORE naptime.

Easter was finding baskets in the morning, church in the afternoon- with Ian being my special helper in Primary (again no nap and he refused to go to class) and dinner at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gordon's house.  We watched Tangled there and I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun movie it was.

So last week was mostly fun and games and this week is back to the grindstone and the joys of packing.  Sean has his last full week at work this week then it's part-time then on-call- then we're back to square one.   We're REALLY looking forward to having him around more.  This semester has been brutal with group meetings and homework and Young Men's on Wednesdays.  It'll be nice to have Daddy back.

It is likely that I won't be blogging much after we move due to unknown internet source- so maybe I can get my fix in before then.  Between all the boxes, and cleaning, and and and....


  1. Glad you were able to get to Baby Animals. Wish I coulda been there with you instead of in Barstow eating a burrito. But we beat the traffic and we are happy to be back in our snug little nest.

  2. love the Baby Animals... sad to see you move:(