Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and Such

I hate to do this to you again but pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I grab my sister's camera.  Our poor little camera has dead batteries again- which is really frustrating because we JUST charged the batteries-- looks like it's time for some new ones (batteries not camera).

We had a lovely time with Oma and her Mr. Last this past week and were sad to see them go.  We had a 50th party at the "Castle Park" where we were blasted by chilly bursts of good ol' Cache Valley cold.  The boys LOVED it though.  They didn't really care that it was cold.  Packed a few boxes. Realized, yet again, that we have far too much stuff- but I'm struggling with parting with some of it.  Packing is slow going.  Evidently it takes a LOT more out of me than I thought it would.  Wee number 3 is growing steadily and zaps all energy I might have had otherwise.  I do believe he doubled in size this last weekend. Oma was kind enough to post as soon as she got home.  Check it out HERE.

Saturday we spent at Baby Animal Days.  (This is where a camera would have come in handy---good thing sister girl brought hers).  Wee number 3 was sleepy all day and I didn't feel him move much.  He was really just growing like crazy and saving it up for Easter.  Holy Smokes- this kid now have STRONG arms and legs and must have realized he's trapped in a bubble because he tries to poke and prod his way out all the time.  OUCH! Boy children numbers 1 & 2 had a grand time.  Ian thought the train was there just for him. He agreed to ride the pony this go around (last time he was littler and too scared of the furry beasts).  His comment afterwards, "That was BUMPY!" We saw baby pygmy goats, lambs, piglets, ducklings, chickens, turtles , bunnies and calves- who scared the snot out of poor little Landon- the creature was hungry and tried to eat his and Daddy's pants. Royally freaked out Lando.  The boys behaved wonderfully given we went BEFORE naptime.

Easter was finding baskets in the morning, church in the afternoon- with Ian being my special helper in Primary (again no nap and he refused to go to class) and dinner at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gordon's house.  We watched Tangled there and I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun movie it was.

So last week was mostly fun and games and this week is back to the grindstone and the joys of packing.  Sean has his last full week at work this week then it's part-time then on-call- then we're back to square one.   We're REALLY looking forward to having him around more.  This semester has been brutal with group meetings and homework and Young Men's on Wednesdays.  It'll be nice to have Daddy back.

It is likely that I won't be blogging much after we move due to unknown internet source- so maybe I can get my fix in before then.  Between all the boxes, and cleaning, and and and....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Latest and Greatest

Seeing as we're experiencing flood conditions around the valley I thought I'd share some pictures from a brighter day.  A MUCH brighter day.  And a bit windy. Didn't get the amazing family shots I had envisioned. These were the results:  (And fun if not perfect.  Thanks Christie :)

PS- my shirt says, "Peace, Love and California" which encompass pretty much my philosophy on life.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Doctor I'd recommend.

Yesterday was one of those days.  
The silly emotional kind.  
I'm hoping today is less emotional but giving myself permission to accept whatever it is.  
And permission to see my favorite doctor as much as I want today.

What are the REST of you up to?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Money Update:

Money Update:

Today I paid the last of our medical bills.


What a blessing and relief it is to not have that hanging over our heads.

Medical Bills you ask?  Well back in December Sean went to the ER with chest pains.  Life was crazy at the time.  Sean's former platoon Sargent was killed in Afghanistan, we were in limbo with a lot of decisions and the holidays kind of stressed us all out. He's had these pains before but never this bad.  Ran a gagillion tests.  Nothing.  They ruled OUT a heart attack but we still don't know what it was- other than a smidge of a financial crisis.  You see we are part of the population that doesn't have health insurance (don't judge).  We make too much for Sean to qualify for Medicaid and too little to afford much else.  (Though in the near future we will be shopping around.) So one trip to the ER left us with a hefty $4500 bill. (Or really a bunch of little bills totaling that amount.) Seeing as we live paycheck to paycheck and wing and a prayer while still in school this came as quite the blow.  Luckily we were blessed to have the hospital write off most of their portion and the ambulance company settled for a lower amount in cash. Those were the biggest two.  We did end up paying some but were able to "save" about $3000 in the end.  Blessings I tell you, blessings.

We actually have Baby Step #1 accomplished due to tax refunds.  (Emergency fund)

We'll be working on Baby Step #2 when Sean finds employment in Blanding.  (Debt Snowball) Until then we'll just pinch our pennies and count our blessings. Oh yeah, and continue to make payments on our current debt (Student Loans).

I'm actually looking forward to paying off our debt.  I know that's kind of a no-brainer but I'm excited to see how fast we can manage it.  Granted with a third kid on the way and a car that is hanging on by a thread (we love you Nena!) we'll see how it all works out.

I'll keep you posted.  Though it is kind of hard and strange to talk about money when we don't have it and are working hard to remedy that.  I do feel like all the stupid little mistakes I make are going to be scrutinized---but it is what it is and I yam what I yam. Finances were not talked about much when I was growing up (other than we just don't have money for that.).   I am learning though that most things in life are better when I just buck up and be honest about it.  So there it is folks.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Resurrection Rolls

Cheesy- but I totally want to try this for FHE next week as we gear up for Easter.
Resurrection Rolls
Let me know if any of you try it out.

PS- there is another post from today below this one.

Friday's Musings


Things on my mind on this snowy Friday.

  • Snow? Wow. Well ok. 
  • Clean Kitchen- phew. Now my back hurts. Oy. (PS the kitchen wasn't even that bad to begin with because I cleaned it yesterday- my back is just kinda wimpy)
  • "Shock me. Shock me. Shock me, with that deviant behavior." Empire Records. For some reason that quote is stuck in my head. 
  • SO enjoyed my food from Cafe Sabor last night.  Haven't had the best luck in the past.  I'm grateful I have nummy leftovers for lunch.  (Tequila Lime Chicken Pasta)
  • I think we killed the sourdough starter.  We'll see if we can revive it.  Dr. Frankenstein style. 
  • To all the people in government- aka "the powers that be"- y'all should learn how to get along and get one thing done at a time.  First priority- budget. Then you can go back to bickering and pushing through your earmarked agendas. And no- printing more money won't fix the problem.  
  • Sundays until Oma and Darryl come to visit: 2. So excited! Ian has been calling everyone he knows in my speed dial to tell them. We just told him he'll get to dye/color easter eggs when they come.  He's excited to get messy.  And take them to the Castle Park. Let's hope they bring the California Sunshine with them to dry up the moisture. 
  • Uber grateful Sean is home today.  So far we have been able to have breakfast together, he let me sleep in and saved me from Mt. St. Helen's Landon Edition.  Love him.  (LOVE YOU BABE!)
  • Want to go Thrift Store shopping.  Don't need to.  Don't need anything there.  But I love bargain hunting.  Maybe I should leave my money at home.
  • This August will the the first time we will have NOBODY in school. It may easily be the ONLY time in a LOOOOOONG time that we will have nobody in school. Crazy.  
  • I may actually learn how to make bread. For real- not just Rhodes Rolls (which I manage to botch every time too). Really Tawnya- if you're willing, I'm ready. 
  • Don't know what to do with all my craft closet stuff.  How/where to store it/use it. 

That is all.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I feel like I need a new post so it doesn't look like I have "poo" in the title anymore...

Thoughts for today:
My sister in law posted a link to THIS article on Facebook.  French Vegan parents who are possibly going to be charged because their 11 month old, solely fed on breastmilk (remember mom is Vegan) died and was found to have mineral deficiencies likely related to the mother's diet.  At 9 months old doctors advised the parents to take the child to a hospital and they chose to treat the baby at home with other remedies.  Then the baby died.

Also recently was THIS article on Parker Jensen and his family.  Parker Jensen had cancer on his tongue when he was 12 (2003) and the doctor's believed it would spread and be fatal.  They recommended chemotherapy. The family left Utah in order to protect their son from child and family services forcing him into chemotherapy.  Parker didn't die.  He is currently alive and well and loves to snowboard.

Which leads me to wonder: At what point does the state have a right or obligation to step in and take over for the parents?  I agree there are parents who are often detrimental to their children's health and well being.  I worked with a number of these kids in a middle school I worked at.  That being said- don't parents have a right to do what they feel is in the best interest of their children?

Touchy subject. A lot of grey area.

Just food for thought.  Like Oreos.... not always the best food of choice... but nummy.

In other news: It's snowing and my feverish 3 year old couldn't be more excited.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

O.M.H I need a pop!

Have you ever heard things like:
I usta could....
We might could use that....

I just heard Ian say:
"I might could need a tlashlight" (flashlight).

I'm hoping he grows out of it.
Just one of the little things that is strange to me about Utah. Or maybe it's a Southern Utah thing- I know I've heard it on both sides of the state in the southern part.

Anyone else heard strange things like that?

(PS- I have been known on occasion---very rare---to say "oh my heck" which is totally a Utah thing. Or maybe just a Mormon thing...hmm. Freaked me out though.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Like a ton of Bricks.

Had a special moment with Ian today.  
So this blog is mostly to document that- so it doesn't get forgotten. 

Ian has had a really hard time with Grandma Great's death.  He didn't want to talk about it.  He was a grump when we were there for the funeral and didn't even want to look at her body in the casket to say goodbye.  (Though I don't blame him- as I kid, and even as an adult it always felt weird to me.)  He knew her spirit was already gone to Heaven.  He didn't know how to express what he was feeling.  That much was clear.  The other day he mentioned giving Grandma and Grandpa some money that he was playing with "to help them so they won't be sad about Grandma Great."  He treasures/hoards money so the gesture of giving it to them freely was quite a significant statement for this 3 1/2 year old.  

Then today.
Another somewhat grumpy day. He won't eat and didn't want to take a nap.  So I sat down with him on his bed and read him some stories.  He seemed to calm down a bit.  I chose another story, this time a longer one in the hopes that maybe he'd fall asleep. The Hickory Chair  by Lisa Rowe Fraustino and Illustrated by Benny Andrews.  It's about a little blind boy and his beloved Gran.  She dies and leaves notes hidden all over for the grandkids to find.  He thinks he is forgotten.  Of course he isn't.  Ian and I talked a little bit about Grandma Great's funeral.  Mostly I asked him questions and he nodded.  Still too raw or too undefined to talk about.  Then I wanted him to know that Grandma Great can still let us know that she loves us.  I found the blanket she made Sean when he was a baby and wrapped it around Ian telling him it was Grandma Great's way of giving him a hug and saying, "I love you."  He's resting now snuggled up with Grandma Great's blankie.  

Hit me like a ton of bricks today.  Sometimes there are connections that we don't understand.  Grandma Brown had that connection with my kids.  Ian felt it.  I hope he remembers and can still feel that connection when he is older.  

Tourettes or Twitch? I say both.

So I've decided I know what Tourettes is all about.

You see I have a twitch in my inner ear that is driving me nuts! To the point of randomly blurting out noises or curse words.

So if you happen to see me around spazzing- it probably just in reaction to my ear.  It's loud and obnoxious and only I can hear it.

And no, the voices in my head don't affect it at all- thanks for asking.

In other news (or as my brother so often likes to say: Meanwhile back at the farm...)

Have you ever lived in Utah?  There's a saying that if you don't like the weather- just wait 5 minutes.

Well last week brought us a beautiful few days of the Spring I'm used to: Sunshine, birdies, warmth.  And wind.  That was of course the warm before the storm and Saturday brought dark clouds (though the weather in the morning was still warm) and by Saturday night it was snowing.  That's right folks.  Silly white stuff.  Luckily it warmed up enough to melt it away yesterday but it's still disorienting for me.  But while the sun lasted we spent hours at the park.  Enough that I got a wee bit of color on my nose.  (but only a wee bit)

These are at the park with warmth but sans sun.  Still had fun. Sistergirl has pictures of the sunshine... maybe I can hijack her camera sometime. We attempted family pictures in the sunshine.  Epic Fail. But maybe some cute ones of the kiddos. 

And in other news: I am so utterly out numbered it's going to be crazy. Ultrasound says baby #3 is a BOY. Now if we could only come up with a name.  We never agree on boy names...