Monday, March 7, 2011

Gardening with Knives

Wall meet Maggie.
Maggie meet Wall.
"Hello Wall."
"Hello Maggie."
(Wall's maiden name is Block. As in Writer's)

Things on my mind today possibly causing the writer's block--- I mean wall:

-Grandma Great. She's dying. It's hard. Those around her are just suffering to watch her suffer.  We all want her to find peace.  She's a great lady.  I loved her from the beginning.  I'm an inlaw so I didn't have the opportunity to know her my whole life- just the last 5 1/2 years.  But let me tell you this lady has spunk. She gardens with a rather large knife.  Better for weeding you know. She loves puzzles-something I don't enjoy- but I love being with her when she's working on one. She'll tell you straight up if you just stole the piece she was looking for, with a smile of course.  She loves my boys.  In fact, she has claimed them- she always says, "Oh you brought my boys to see me."  I love that.  I love the special connection she has had with my kids since they were born. Last time we were out to visit she was so enthralled with watching them build bridges and race trucks all over her living room floor. I'm sad she won't get the chance to meet this baby in the flesh- but maybe she'll get to see him/her on the other side.  I don't know how all of that works so I just hope that she will.  She used to bake her own bread and I think she even did it for the sacrament bread every week.  It was her way of contributing.  She had 12 kids.  The fact that she not only survived motherhood but made it clear to 93 kicking shows she's got what it takes.  There's a blanket on our bed that she made for Sean years ago.  The binding of it is entirely hand-stitched.  The woman had patience unknown.  Wish I could have known her when she was a bit more agile.  She's hike and picnic with the family. She danced with Sean at a few weddings in the family and that always makes me smile to think of it.  She was so happy to be asked to dance.  I bet in her younger years she liked to kick up her heels a bit.  She's stubborn.  Anyone who knows her will tell you that.  She'll tell you what she wants and there's not much that can be done about it.  I'd say that trait has definitely gotten passed down.  Even my boys (firstborn especially) are that way.  We'll miss her. But I'm glad I got to know her a little.

Other things on my mind: two pairs of pants and underwear and a couple of towels and bathroom rugs later I'm not feeling confident that potty training is going well.  I get so frustrated about it all I want to throw up my hands and let the kid wear pullups until kindergarten. I ask him if he needs to go and he says "no" and within 5 minutes has wet himself.  But if I tell him he needs to go he just doesn't want to listen because now it's Mom's Idea not his.  I'm tired of the constant battle.  I try to praise him when he does well but even that I feel is not enough to keep him motivated.  Someday this will be over.  Just in time for son #2 to start.  And so on and so forth.

Something else on my mind:  How to go about selling our stuff?  It's a big process and it wears me out.  (Really I think I'd have a lot more energy for all of it if I weren't growing a human). Just to get it all clean and organized enough to photograph is a lot of work.

And yet another random thing: Have to ship one of my new necklaces back because they sent me the wrong one. (One I ordered has a pendant- or is supposed to- the one I got was just the strap)  Wish they'd just let me keep it as payment for hastle but where's the money in that?  Sad I won't have my real one in time for my anniversary next week.

Which brings me to another point: 5 year anniversary coming up.  Funny how life can be so different that what you thought.  I feel like I've known Sean forever- yet it's been only 6 years. (Plus a little if you count when we had class together but I didn't really KNOW him). Love him. I do I do. But more on that next week.

Crafty? I feel the need to bust out my sweet Magnolia--- which in side note reminds me of my nightmare last night; Magnolia was broken. Horribly broken.  It was soooo sad. Not sure what to make but I'm thinking more along the lines of home decor this time.

Guess there wasn't a huge Wall this time... just random stuff on  my mind.


  1. She will be missed, but no need to have her suffer any more. It's not doing anybody any good for her to be in such pain. I love you honey and am glad you go to know her.

    And that's exciting to see that 5 years is coming up, but, like you said, it is hard to believe it has only been that long. ;)

  2. I'm sorry about your grandma. I hate watching someone I care for suffer.

    I'm also sorry you have to sell your stuff. That is a pain in the behind! I had a yard sale once and will NEVER do it again. It took all week to organize and put up signs and advertise on Craigslist and KSL etc. It was not worth it in my case. People at yard sales can be big cheapskates (I can say that because I am one of them). If I was selling something for two bucks people would offer 25 cents when I was already selling stuff for cheaper than the D.I. does. It was ridiculous. But maybe people aren't as cheap where you live! ;0)

  3. What a beautiful tribute mags. On potty training have you tried just letting them be naked? I have noticed with kade if he has anything on he thinks he can pee in it... but when he is naked he thinks more last time I tried it there was 0 accidents all day. and he peed on the potty 5 times.good luck. one of these days when my life is less eventful I will potty train for you.

  4. sorry about your grandma...

    potty training is hard. this will be my 4th child. I try as much as I can, but one day (I promise) they will want to and then it's easy.

  5. Good post Sister. And FYI- I got some sweet purple fabric for free yesterday. It's got potential.