Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

For Spring Break we made a little road trip to Blanding.  

Here we found one of Ian's favorite things:
Ian is saying "chugga woo woo!"
I've been workin' on the railroad, all the live long day. 
In the car again...
It's important to switch drivers in order to stay alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. 


So we did.
To White Rock that is.

What you can't see here is that big brother just made this drop and
fell right into an unforeseen hole.  Landon ended up getting down a different way.
It's important to keep the wild animals corralled:

At Granny H and Grampa's house the boys got a thrill out of the wheel barrow. 

Ian watching a movie or maybe watching us play Wii.  
(*Sorry I didn't get pictures of him playing wii.  It was awesome. )
Aunt Tiff caught this boy drinking the milk off his cereal.  Something he loves to do right away THEN eat the cereal.  Looks like we have an AWOL Cheerio. 
Cousin Ari turned 1 YAY
Friday night there was a Potluck at a cousin's house out by Grandma Great's.  
The boys LOVED the swings and playground.

Last but never least was the funeral for beloved Grandma Brown 
(AKA Grandma Great)
The hat is one of Grandma's gardening hats and those are her gloves.
We had to make do with a spade because the gardening knife was MIA. 
The boys wanted their pictures taken at the cemetary too:
Group Shot. Everyone minus two: Ari (who was with her other grandma) and Ronnie (who is serving in Afghanistan). We missed them.


  1. All kinds of memories made. So many great shots! CheerioHead made us laugh.

  2. Love the pictures! And I spy a super cute blankie on the couch behind Ian...

  3. You have two very handsome boys! How lucky!

    Sorry about Grandma Great... I spent a fair amount of time playing out there myself.

  4. Evidently Kaden is MIA in the photo too--- probably chasing the dogs.