Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On my mind:

  • Non-sleeping boys that I blame on the time change.  They napped today for a LONG time.  Now there will be no sleeping.  Aggravated I am. Yoda I wish to be. 
  • The move which will cause me to depart from the dearly beloved Book Club.  Don't know what I'll do without the monthly dose.  I'll be confined to Blanding at least until the baby is here.  Plus that is one doozy of a road trip. (I doubt Nena would make it.) *sigh* At least I can still read what they're reading and connect that way.  And email everyone my asinine comments.  And blog. 
  • Not much a fan of this drizzly rain business BUT I am indeed grateful for the melting of the snow in our front yard.  (silver lining see?)
  • Heartburn.  This is the stage in the pregnancy where I start stashing TUMS in every nook and cranny, purses, wallets, diaper bags, cars, desk, etc., because it is inevitable that heartburn will take over and I won't be able to find my stash... makes me sound like a druggie. Well. With TUMS- it's THAT serious.  And I hate TUMS. But I hate heartburn more.
  • Thinks it's funny that the dates for this month are the same as last month due to the even 28 days.  I have an erasable calendar and now I don't have to change it-- just erase last month's scheduled events. :)  Thanks February. 
  • The mess that is our living room will be dealt with tomorrow.  Can't bring myself to bother today since it will just get messed up again before I leave. 
  • Which brings us back to the doozy of a drive... The boys and I will head back to Blanding for some more shunshine later this week.  (Thanks Aunt Trish!) Sean boy will be left all alone-- and likely bored out of his mind.  So he may be calling you to talk about EV's and playing Worms Armageddon.  Can't say I didn't warn you.  (Love you babe- you know you can call me whenever you need/want to. I'm sad we can't just chat all day like we normally do.)
  • Eat. Pray. Love. That's what's up on this week's Netflix roster.  Book vs. movie.... any thoughts?  I had to put my name BACK on the waiting list for it at the library because we were gone when it was my turn.
  • Chickens in the Headlights. This time around some of it makes me want to laugh and some makes me want to cry: with these two boys of mine I can only imagine the shenanigans they'll get into.  And yet I can't.  So we'll see if in the future I can write anything half as witty as Matthew Buckley. 
  • Shenanigans. St. Patrick's day is tomorrow. Hm. We have a rainbow out of crepe paper on our ceiling but that's about it for this year's festivities.  

And now for something completely different.  Random Pictures. Why not?
Sean loading up the 4 Wheeler near the Causeway up near Gooseberry.  He has a chemical burn on the end of his nose from cement cleaner.  Don't remember how it happened exactly. Circa Summer 2007.

Baby Ian with Great Grandpa Hurst. Circa Fall 2007.

Me as a butterfly. Circa October 1987.

That is all. 

Goodnight Never Neverland! Pffft!  


  1. Eat Pray Love the movie--have you seen it? I don't want to kill it for you. I haven't read the book but the movie made it so that I have no desire to read the book. So, interpret that how you will. Literature advice from a complete stranger! Yay!

    Me and Tums were INSEPARABLE when I was pregnant. I feel your pain, man.

    The word asinine, no matter what context it's used in, makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. So thanks for that. I may try to use it on my blog this week. Keep your eye out.

    And finally, I really am going to send you a craft one of these days. Just you wait. And when you get it, it'll knock your SOCKS off. Or you'll send it directly to the D.I. Either way the ball will be outta my court, baby.

    Thanks for letting me stalk your blog and leave ridiculously long comments.

  2. Way to go finding those sneaky silver linings!!

    Eat, Pray, Love.--- Skip the book. Made me want to gauge out my own eyes, sooooo whiny.
    Watch the Movie-Julia Roberts is DOPE!

    Good luck with your road trip!!

  3. Elise- feel free to randomly comment for as long as you want :) I love it.

  4. I'm also happy about the silver lining. And I know you can kick your TUMS addiction if you put your mind to it. Charlie believes in you. Except I fully support the use of TUMS.

  5. You will be SORELY missed at book club and any time you feel the trip up north calling, you will be more than welcomed! Or we could just start skype-ing you in!

    EPL - movie was not great, but I loved the book. Which I understand is pretty much how it goes...

  6. I'm kinda late weighing in on this but EPL movie was worth watching for the scenery. Hope you are down south getting sunshine right now. Cold and rainy here.

  7. Loving your shirt in your first pic! Oh, the 80s....I hope there was a scrunchie to match! Ladders must have been popular for photos that year, eh?