Wednesday, March 2, 2011



I am wearing... Sean's Nuernberg Sweatshirt from his trip to Germany with the National Guard. Jammie pants. Socks. Long sleeve shirt. It's cold today. Or I'm just feeling the need to be snuggley. 

I am wondering... what book to choose for book club.  So many options.  Fun. Serious. Kid Friendly. Or Not.  Easy Read. Tolstoy (kidding). I'm leaning towards light and fun in honor of Spring that I hear tell has come to California at least. 

I am thankful for... sleep masks.  It sounds weird but I sleep with my eyes open- just a crack not all the way open like a zombie or something- so I like to have the room pitch black to sleep.  I don't use them all the time but when I do- ah- sleep comes so much easier.

I am overwhelmed by... the thought of moving and yard sale before said move.

I am eating... nothing at the moment- but we had pancakes for breakfast- Micky Mouse even. 

I can hear... "Thomas the tank engine rolling along...." and Landon talking to himself before falling asleep- though that's stopped now- maybe he's out. 

I am going... on a road trip soon! Hallelujah! Need out of silly snow drifts.  Before then: probably a trip or two to the grocery store- Doctor's office- Church- BOOK CLUB (YAY) and a stop or two for my favorite caffeinated beverages. 

I am hoping... we can get taxes done soon.

Around the house... are piles.  I'm a piler.  It's kind of like a file system only not so neat or organized.  But I can often find what I need.  Sean knows to ask me instead of wandering around the house forever in search of who knows what.  I usually know the answer.

One of my favorite things... reading in a bubble bath with candles. Not great for the eyes but good for the soul.

Random picture for sharing...
Grateful others take that warning seriously too :)


  1. Most people don't take Velociraptors into account when putting in easy open door handles. Their mistakes.

  2. To be honest- I don't know where the picture was taken- Sean found it online and I found it in our pictures folder. However- I think there needs to be a movement to warn the general public of the dangers that lie in having these types of handles. :)And if I saw it in real life- oh man. WOULD LOVE THAT!

  3. 1- You're welcome to sign me up as part of the yard sale crew.

    2- Book club... jewelery?

    3- I love you.