Thursday, March 3, 2011


1 hour and some odd minutes until hubby is off work which could mean Spring Break is here.

T minus five (hours) until Book Club. (feelings of bubbly joy)

6 days until FREEDOM and the REAL beginning of Spring Break. PHEW!

11 days until our 5 year anniversary. Aww how sweet and sappy.

22 days until we can find out the gender of the baby. IF the wee one cooperates. (If it doesn't does that mean it's a girl?)

2 weeks to Pinch-your- buddy-not-wearing-green day. Don't recommend pinching strangers. Or friends that punch back...

6-7 weeks to potential visit from Oma. Fun Fun.

8.5 weeks till Easter. Mmmm. Cadburry Egg sugar rush... and fingers that are dyed for days. Egg salad sammies. :) (Oh yeah and the Celebration of the Savior---oops.)

9 weeks to GRADUATION- Boo YAh! Pomp and circumstance and all that jazz.

2 months to moving. Mixed feelings on that one.

4 months to Independance Day- Yay for best ever 4th of July celebration. Small towns know how to do it right. Don't believe me?- check out the parade. The band and fireworks later were even better! Sorry I don't have more pictures.  This year I'll whip out the camera more.

T minus 5 (months) until wee number 3. After that. It's anybody's guess as to what life will hold.

There you have it folks. If you want to know my plans for life; that's pretty much it.  Thank goodness February is over- there wasn't much to look forward to in February. YAY FOR MARCH!

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