Monday, March 28, 2011

Can but Why?

Things I Could live without-- but would rather not:
1) Internet.  Global world.  On my time.  As in I can look up the news when I want to and not just be at the mercy of the TV news people to tell it to me between commercial breaks.
2) My blogs.  Same general category as the first one.  But oh how I've missed catching up on my blogging friends.
3) Pickles.  Could live with out them.  But who calls it living if it's a world with no pickles? I mean really!
4) Dishwasher.  Spent a week at my inlaws' where they have one.  Spoiled.  I hate hand-washing them. But I can watch a show while I'm doing it (or listen to a show mostly).
5)I would say my husband but that would be taken wrong.  I just mean that I learned a little more about all of the things I CAN do without him there.  But let me tell you- life is SO MUCH BETTER with him there.  And only a phone call away so that helped the separation.  Love you babe.  Hope this didn't make you sad or confused. (*I think it may be naptime for this mama- It's 2pm and I'm hitting that wall again)

 SOOOOO glad to be home.

I can live without these things. (sorta)

But why?


  1. I understand, Maggie. I can live without you, but life is so much better when I don't have to. You forgot #6: An electric vehicle, because it would just be really cool (especially if converted by me).

  2. Oh man I agree with you here. We didn't have the internet for 3 years while we were married and I have no idea how I survived! :0) Our computer broke last week so we didn't have it for a week and I felt like I didn't know what was going on in the world and couldn't do anything. I even depend on the internet to make dinner!;0)

  3. so cute and I agree with everything except the pickles... well, maybe I can't live without them because my kids LOVE them and I can bribe them to do just about anything for a pickle! :)

  4. ya obviously I can live without my hubby... but it really really sucks! jealous that yours is just a phone call or text away. I really miss that. I love cell phones. another thing you can live with out but why.... it was good to see you and the boys!