Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This one's for you Sean:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Can but Why?

Things I Could live without-- but would rather not:
1) Internet.  Global world.  On my time.  As in I can look up the news when I want to and not just be at the mercy of the TV news people to tell it to me between commercial breaks.
2) My blogs.  Same general category as the first one.  But oh how I've missed catching up on my blogging friends.
3) Pickles.  Could live with out them.  But who calls it living if it's a world with no pickles? I mean really!
4) Dishwasher.  Spent a week at my inlaws' where they have one.  Spoiled.  I hate hand-washing them. But I can watch a show while I'm doing it (or listen to a show mostly).
5)I would say my husband but that would be taken wrong.  I just mean that I learned a little more about all of the things I CAN do without him there.  But let me tell you- life is SO MUCH BETTER with him there.  And only a phone call away so that helped the separation.  Love you babe.  Hope this didn't make you sad or confused. (*I think it may be naptime for this mama- It's 2pm and I'm hitting that wall again)

 SOOOOO glad to be home.

I can live without these things. (sorta)

But why?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


5th Grade for me:
 5th or 6th grade for Sean:
Kind of weird to see the parallels.

But then check THIS out: we have essentially the same hairstyles today:

Trip to Monterrey CA May 2008

And then there's our Lando the Dragon: 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On my mind:

  • Non-sleeping boys that I blame on the time change.  They napped today for a LONG time.  Now there will be no sleeping.  Aggravated I am. Yoda I wish to be. 
  • The move which will cause me to depart from the dearly beloved Book Club.  Don't know what I'll do without the monthly dose.  I'll be confined to Blanding at least until the baby is here.  Plus that is one doozy of a road trip. (I doubt Nena would make it.) *sigh* At least I can still read what they're reading and connect that way.  And email everyone my asinine comments.  And blog. 
  • Not much a fan of this drizzly rain business BUT I am indeed grateful for the melting of the snow in our front yard.  (silver lining see?)
  • Heartburn.  This is the stage in the pregnancy where I start stashing TUMS in every nook and cranny, purses, wallets, diaper bags, cars, desk, etc., because it is inevitable that heartburn will take over and I won't be able to find my stash... makes me sound like a druggie. Well. With TUMS- it's THAT serious.  And I hate TUMS. But I hate heartburn more.
  • Thinks it's funny that the dates for this month are the same as last month due to the even 28 days.  I have an erasable calendar and now I don't have to change it-- just erase last month's scheduled events. :)  Thanks February. 
  • The mess that is our living room will be dealt with tomorrow.  Can't bring myself to bother today since it will just get messed up again before I leave. 
  • Which brings us back to the doozy of a drive... The boys and I will head back to Blanding for some more shunshine later this week.  (Thanks Aunt Trish!) Sean boy will be left all alone-- and likely bored out of his mind.  So he may be calling you to talk about EV's and playing Worms Armageddon.  Can't say I didn't warn you.  (Love you babe- you know you can call me whenever you need/want to. I'm sad we can't just chat all day like we normally do.)
  • Eat. Pray. Love. That's what's up on this week's Netflix roster.  Book vs. movie.... any thoughts?  I had to put my name BACK on the waiting list for it at the library because we were gone when it was my turn.
  • Chickens in the Headlights. This time around some of it makes me want to laugh and some makes me want to cry: with these two boys of mine I can only imagine the shenanigans they'll get into.  And yet I can't.  So we'll see if in the future I can write anything half as witty as Matthew Buckley. 
  • Shenanigans. St. Patrick's day is tomorrow. Hm. We have a rainbow out of crepe paper on our ceiling but that's about it for this year's festivities.  

And now for something completely different.  Random Pictures. Why not?
Sean loading up the 4 Wheeler near the Causeway up near Gooseberry.  He has a chemical burn on the end of his nose from cement cleaner.  Don't remember how it happened exactly. Circa Summer 2007.

Baby Ian with Great Grandpa Hurst. Circa Fall 2007.

Me as a butterfly. Circa October 1987.

That is all. 

Goodnight Never Neverland! Pffft!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 down

5 totally random facts (as found on THIS website):

  • The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.
  • The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado.
  • The word "nerd" was first coined by Dr. Seuss in "If I Ran the Zoo."
  • The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.
  • The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in jelly.

5 things I've learned since being married:

  • When going to sleep I lay on one side and then promptly switch to the other after about 10 minutes.  You can almost time it.  Weird.
  • Volcanoes are not just for science projects- they work for drains too.
  • Milk is consumed in mass quantities in our house. 
  • Road trips are necessary- they allow lots of talk time. 
  • Nothing like a good dance party with your very own dance partner in the living room or kitchen. 
5 random facts about me: 
  • 100 meter butterfly was my event in high school.  I took first place only once.  And nearly drown at my first meet. 
  • I get antsy about my hair.  It MUST be changed regularly- though when I do it on a whim- I usually regret it. 
  • I bite my nails. Still.
  • I learned to roller skate in our garage in Concord.  I didn't know how to stop so I'd slam the garage door or the dryer to stop myself.  
  • Hot Pink. And Yellow. They are marvelous colors. (I wear hot pink more than yellow but love yellow walls.)
5 random facts about Sean:
  • He's a role player.  Not the online kind- more like Dungeons and Dragons though he's never actually played D&D.  He even has a cloak. 
  • He loves to work with his hands. Tinkering, playing in the dirt, fixing stuff, making "batteries" out of cardboard boxes.
  • He ran Cross Country in high school... but did it for the road trips with girls more than a love of running or serious competition. 
  • He's fearless in the kitchen. (At least I think he is) He adds spices and stuff I've never heard of to dishes.  
  • He wants to turn Nena (our VW Jetta) into an EV (electric vehicle) someday.  He's got lots and lots of spreadsheets to prove he's done the research.  
5 things I love about Sean:
  • His creativity- it comes out in all sorts of ways.
  • He let me get a few more minutes of sleep this morning by playing trains with Lando.
  • He goes along with my crazy ideas like training for a 5k or Luau on Friday just because. 
  • When you watch a funny movie with Sean it doesn't matter if the movie is ACTUALLY funny--- if Sean's laughing--you will be too. 
  • and last but not least, I love that he comes and finds me as soon as he gets home to give me a kiss.  
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! To Eternity and Beyond! 

For fun check out my Mom's blog for a picture from our wedding day. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

For Spring Break we made a little road trip to Blanding.  

Here we found one of Ian's favorite things:
Ian is saying "chugga woo woo!"
I've been workin' on the railroad, all the live long day. 
In the car again...
It's important to switch drivers in order to stay alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. 


So we did.
To White Rock that is.

What you can't see here is that big brother just made this drop and
fell right into an unforeseen hole.  Landon ended up getting down a different way.
It's important to keep the wild animals corralled:

At Granny H and Grampa's house the boys got a thrill out of the wheel barrow. 

Ian watching a movie or maybe watching us play Wii.  
(*Sorry I didn't get pictures of him playing wii.  It was awesome. )
Aunt Tiff caught this boy drinking the milk off his cereal.  Something he loves to do right away THEN eat the cereal.  Looks like we have an AWOL Cheerio. 
Cousin Ari turned 1 YAY
Friday night there was a Potluck at a cousin's house out by Grandma Great's.  
The boys LOVED the swings and playground.

Last but never least was the funeral for beloved Grandma Brown 
(AKA Grandma Great)
The hat is one of Grandma's gardening hats and those are her gloves.
We had to make do with a spade because the gardening knife was MIA. 
The boys wanted their pictures taken at the cemetary too:
Group Shot. Everyone minus two: Ari (who was with her other grandma) and Ronnie (who is serving in Afghanistan). We missed them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gardening with Knives

Wall meet Maggie.
Maggie meet Wall.
"Hello Wall."
"Hello Maggie."
(Wall's maiden name is Block. As in Writer's)

Things on my mind today possibly causing the writer's block--- I mean wall:

-Grandma Great. She's dying. It's hard. Those around her are just suffering to watch her suffer.  We all want her to find peace.  She's a great lady.  I loved her from the beginning.  I'm an inlaw so I didn't have the opportunity to know her my whole life- just the last 5 1/2 years.  But let me tell you this lady has spunk. She gardens with a rather large knife.  Better for weeding you know. She loves puzzles-something I don't enjoy- but I love being with her when she's working on one. She'll tell you straight up if you just stole the piece she was looking for, with a smile of course.  She loves my boys.  In fact, she has claimed them- she always says, "Oh you brought my boys to see me."  I love that.  I love the special connection she has had with my kids since they were born. Last time we were out to visit she was so enthralled with watching them build bridges and race trucks all over her living room floor. I'm sad she won't get the chance to meet this baby in the flesh- but maybe she'll get to see him/her on the other side.  I don't know how all of that works so I just hope that she will.  She used to bake her own bread and I think she even did it for the sacrament bread every week.  It was her way of contributing.  She had 12 kids.  The fact that she not only survived motherhood but made it clear to 93 kicking shows she's got what it takes.  There's a blanket on our bed that she made for Sean years ago.  The binding of it is entirely hand-stitched.  The woman had patience unknown.  Wish I could have known her when she was a bit more agile.  She's hike and picnic with the family. She danced with Sean at a few weddings in the family and that always makes me smile to think of it.  She was so happy to be asked to dance.  I bet in her younger years she liked to kick up her heels a bit.  She's stubborn.  Anyone who knows her will tell you that.  She'll tell you what she wants and there's not much that can be done about it.  I'd say that trait has definitely gotten passed down.  Even my boys (firstborn especially) are that way.  We'll miss her. But I'm glad I got to know her a little.

Other things on my mind: two pairs of pants and underwear and a couple of towels and bathroom rugs later I'm not feeling confident that potty training is going well.  I get so frustrated about it all I want to throw up my hands and let the kid wear pullups until kindergarten. I ask him if he needs to go and he says "no" and within 5 minutes has wet himself.  But if I tell him he needs to go he just doesn't want to listen because now it's Mom's Idea not his.  I'm tired of the constant battle.  I try to praise him when he does well but even that I feel is not enough to keep him motivated.  Someday this will be over.  Just in time for son #2 to start.  And so on and so forth.

Something else on my mind:  How to go about selling our stuff?  It's a big process and it wears me out.  (Really I think I'd have a lot more energy for all of it if I weren't growing a human). Just to get it all clean and organized enough to photograph is a lot of work.

And yet another random thing: Have to ship one of my new necklaces back because they sent me the wrong one. (One I ordered has a pendant- or is supposed to- the one I got was just the strap)  Wish they'd just let me keep it as payment for hastle but where's the money in that?  Sad I won't have my real one in time for my anniversary next week.

Which brings me to another point: 5 year anniversary coming up.  Funny how life can be so different that what you thought.  I feel like I've known Sean forever- yet it's been only 6 years. (Plus a little if you count when we had class together but I didn't really KNOW him). Love him. I do I do. But more on that next week.

Crafty? I feel the need to bust out my sweet Magnolia--- which in side note reminds me of my nightmare last night; Magnolia was broken. Horribly broken.  It was soooo sad. Not sure what to make but I'm thinking more along the lines of home decor this time.

Guess there wasn't a huge Wall this time... just random stuff on  my mind.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Take my own medicine?

Well Well Well.

I have been bugging others to blog so I must be willing to follow my own nagging right?

We had Book Club last night.
Oh man.
This group of women is stellar!
So different and yet we come together so well.  And have a good time doing it too.

A few things surprise me in relation to BC;
#1- A college town with a severe lack of places to go after 9 let alone 10 pm.  C'mon people! We're *NOT* holding BC in Walmart- but evidently the town seems to think that's all that is needed.
#2- A bad IHOP. Really? Breakfast foods too difficult? Customer service.... what's that?
#3- I think it's fair to say that we should be assertive next time we go somewhere to INSIST on a fun waiter/waitress.  We tip well. Especially when we're all together.  Unless the service was crappy. I think most people would be happy to wait on our group at the end of a long shift.  Usually what happens is the other waiters/waitresses notice how much fun we're having and are kind of intrigued.  They'd get to know more if we were their table.. But alas. For some reason a group of 10 women frightens people and they stick us with the cranky servers.

After out disappointment with IHOP last night we headed out in search of dessert- because let's face it- we weren't done chatting. One place would have closed 15 minutes after we got there.  We had been to this establishment previously for a book club meeting and THOUGHT they stayed open until 10. Oops. No wonder we had a great waiter there.  He KNEW his time and effort would be well rewarded.  They were even kind enough to NOT come clean up our side of the restaurant and kick us out.  SO to Chili's it was. And oh so yummy.  I should learn to just go out for dessert more often.

This months book (my choice) is CHICKENS IN THE HEADLIGHTS by Matthew Buckley. Hi.lar.i.ous. I loved it. I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks.  But don't take my word for it.... check it out at your local library.

Photo courtesy of this place.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


1 hour and some odd minutes until hubby is off work which could mean Spring Break is here.

T minus five (hours) until Book Club. (feelings of bubbly joy)

6 days until FREEDOM and the REAL beginning of Spring Break. PHEW!

11 days until our 5 year anniversary. Aww how sweet and sappy.

22 days until we can find out the gender of the baby. IF the wee one cooperates. (If it doesn't does that mean it's a girl?)

2 weeks to Pinch-your- buddy-not-wearing-green day. Don't recommend pinching strangers. Or friends that punch back...

6-7 weeks to potential visit from Oma. Fun Fun.

8.5 weeks till Easter. Mmmm. Cadburry Egg sugar rush... and fingers that are dyed for days. Egg salad sammies. :) (Oh yeah and the Celebration of the Savior---oops.)

9 weeks to GRADUATION- Boo YAh! Pomp and circumstance and all that jazz.

2 months to moving. Mixed feelings on that one.

4 months to Independance Day- Yay for best ever 4th of July celebration. Small towns know how to do it right. Don't believe me?- check out the parade. The band and fireworks later were even better! Sorry I don't have more pictures.  This year I'll whip out the camera more.

T minus 5 (months) until wee number 3. After that. It's anybody's guess as to what life will hold.

There you have it folks. If you want to know my plans for life; that's pretty much it.  Thank goodness February is over- there wasn't much to look forward to in February. YAY FOR MARCH!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



I am wearing... Sean's Nuernberg Sweatshirt from his trip to Germany with the National Guard. Jammie pants. Socks. Long sleeve shirt. It's cold today. Or I'm just feeling the need to be snuggley. 

I am wondering... what book to choose for book club.  So many options.  Fun. Serious. Kid Friendly. Or Not.  Easy Read. Tolstoy (kidding). I'm leaning towards light and fun in honor of Spring that I hear tell has come to California at least. 

I am thankful for... sleep masks.  It sounds weird but I sleep with my eyes open- just a crack not all the way open like a zombie or something- so I like to have the room pitch black to sleep.  I don't use them all the time but when I do- ah- sleep comes so much easier.

I am overwhelmed by... the thought of moving and yard sale before said move.

I am eating... nothing at the moment- but we had pancakes for breakfast- Micky Mouse even. 

I can hear... "Thomas the tank engine rolling along...." and Landon talking to himself before falling asleep- though that's stopped now- maybe he's out. 

I am going... on a road trip soon! Hallelujah! Need out of silly snow drifts.  Before then: probably a trip or two to the grocery store- Doctor's office- Church- BOOK CLUB (YAY) and a stop or two for my favorite caffeinated beverages. 

I am hoping... we can get taxes done soon.

Around the house... are piles.  I'm a piler.  It's kind of like a file system only not so neat or organized.  But I can often find what I need.  Sean knows to ask me instead of wandering around the house forever in search of who knows what.  I usually know the answer.

One of my favorite things... reading in a bubble bath with candles. Not great for the eyes but good for the soul.

Random picture for sharing...
Grateful others take that warning seriously too :)